Review: Wet ‘n Wild Mega Eyes Creme Eyeliner – a very inexpensive cream eyeliner

This is a review of the Wet ‘n Wild Mega Eyes Creme Eyeliner. This was a gift to me from Diana, who said she liked it better than MAC Fluidline.  Sounds promising!!

I have this in the color Black. The other color that is available is Eggplant, which looks like a purple color. Surprisingly, it does not come in brown.

Swatched on my arm. This is a few swipes of my brush.

What it does: (from
The precision of a liquid liner with the ease of a cream application, this velvet-rich eyeliner provides long-lasting definition in a waterproof formula. Easy-to-use brush included.

Price: will vary. has this for around $4.


  • This eyeliner does NOT budge from my eye. Even when I rubbed the above swatch several times, it did not move.
  • Although it is not extremely black, it is black enough for me to use
  • Very creamy and easy to use. I had this pot for nearly 1.5 years before I opened it, and it was still very creamy


  • Again, it is not as black as I would have liked
  • I really don’t like the packaging. There is a lot of excess plastic on the sides of the container to make it look bigger than it actually is. 
  • This is a stock photo, but you can see that the sides of the container have no product in them. The container makes it look like there is 1.5 times more product than there actually is.

  • The brush that comes with this product is really big and I found it too big to use. Surprisingly, it is very soft, and it is much better quality than the brushes that I’ve seen come with other drugstore brand gel eyeliners.
  • You can see that the brush is about twice as wide as a Q-tip. It makes it very hard to get into corners or to draw an exact line.

Would I repurchase? Yes. So far, this is my favorite gel eyeliner from the drugstore. However, it takes me forever to get through eyeliner, so who knows what products will be on the market by the time I need to buy a new one!

Note: After I dip my brush into the product, I always wipe it off with a tissue. I find that this gets rid of any clumps and helps the eyeliner to apply more smoothly.

Hope you enjoyed my review!  Please let me know if you have a favorite drugstore gel eyeliner.

xoxo, K

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7 thoughts on “Review: Wet ‘n Wild Mega Eyes Creme Eyeliner – a very inexpensive cream eyeliner”

  1. I’ve been meaning to go pick this up. The packaging looks like it would take up a lot of space depending on what type of storage you have. It would be nice if it came in brown and blue.

  2. I think this IS the best drug store gel eye liner – it’s not a dense as Bobbi Brown gel liner, but it is a lot cheaper! Excellent product!

  3. heard a lot of good thing about this get eyeliner and it seems a really excellent one. we dont have wet n wild here though and finding it on ebay costs a lot :S

  4. the Inglot AMC gel liner is more intense than this, but you really can’t beat the price for the wet n wild product! I wish they had a navy version

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