Weekly Reads #28: September 2, 2011

Although I don’t get a lot of comments to my Weekly Reads, I see that a lot of people are clicking on the links. I’m so happy to know that my links interest you!

  • Lessons from a 2 year old, via Wardrobe Oxygen. I’ve mentioned several times that Nap Time should be included in work.
  • Cherry Sherbet, via The Pioneer Woman. As much as I love chocolate ice cream, my true love will always be fruit sherbets, preferably tart ones.
  • If you’re looking to buy Skinfood online, Mona has suggested this seller.
  • Homemade salsa, via Simply Recipes.  This looks absolutely AMAZING.
  • A calzone filling I MUST try out via Macheesmo. I love any food which is “filling wrapped in dough and then cooked”.
  • Cheesy Tater Tots, via Thursday Night Smackdown.  Homemade tater tots? Yes, please!

 Oh dear, it’s very food-oriented!  Hope your week is going well!

xoxo, K

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6 thoughts on “Weekly Reads #28: September 2, 2011”

  1. Mai makes an awesome salsa that she often makes for me. So happy! Cheesy tater tots sounds so yummy! I love calzones too. Thanks for the Weekly Reads!

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