Up and Down #18 / A Piece Of Me… in September 2011

Wow, it’s September already! It’s back to school time for people in the US!!

I didn’t try so many new things this month. Since I basically haven’t bought anything new since December, it was very easy to get stuck in a rut.


  • my Sonia Kashuk Blusher Brush, which showed up in my June favorites as well.  This is much softer than my MAC face brushes! Thanks so much to Kathy for this wonderful gift!

  • Pomegranates. The ones I can get here are not as bright red as the ones I see in the US/UK, but they are a lot sweeter!
  • Finishing C25K!!!  I went from not being able to run at all to being able to run 5km!!


  • The end of summer. In Japan, it’s definitely summer until the end of September.  However, I can totally feel the difference between August and September here… the temperature has dropped down and it’s getting dark earlier!

It’s time for A Piece of Me in September 2011.
This month…

I like: all the fresh fruits that I’ve been eating lately.  There are 5 different kinds of peaches at my nearest grocery store!

I don’t like: how super busy I have been. 12 hr work days have been normal!
I want you to know: that although it’s tough to be a beauty blogger without buying new products for the past 8 months, it’s completely doable! I have a lot of products still to review!!

I’ve planned: another blogger meet up this month!

Let me know what your favorites of the month are!

xoxo, K

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9 thoughts on “Up and Down #18 / A Piece Of Me… in September 2011”

  1. I feel how excited you are with your blogger meetup. Im eager to wait for your post on that.

    12-hours on call isn’t an easy thing. I hope you don’t get burn-out easily (that’s why our beauty blogs are there, right? haha). 

    And I’m proud of you for improving your lifestyle. I hope you don’t get tired running. It’s absolutely good for the body (aesthetic-and-health-wise).

  2. I’m impressed that you have not bought any beauty products in the past 8 months! I think what takes good beauty blogs to the next level is def blogging about beauty-related issues other than just hauls or reviews.

  3. You’re doing an awesome job with your running program! I really admire you for that.

    I wish that I had the willpower that you have for not purchasing anything new for 8 months!

    I hope that your work schedules settles down soon so that there are no more 12 hour days. Have fun with your blogger meetup! Wish that I could be there too.

  4. Nicely done with the running!  I am motivated to start myself, but the heat during the day kills my motivation.
    8months with no beauty products is amazing!  I guess that shows that we dont always need to be buying new things, though it is fun! 😉

  5. August went by quickly!
    That blush brush sounds great.
    I should try to review all of my products too!  Maybe I’ll be able to use up some of them in the process.

  6. yay have fun at the blogger meetup and enjoy your vacation 🙂 wow i didn’t even know there are 5 different kinds of peaches, i’ve been trying to eat more fresh fruits lately too, my fav are watermelons and cherries, hmmm

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