Review: Sonia Kashuk Brush Couture Flat Top Multipurpose Blush/Powder Brush

This is a review for the Sonia Kashuk Brush Couture Flat Top Multipurpose Blush/Powder Brush. I received this brush as a gift from Kathy of Mai-Kat Oshaberi (who knew I wanted this brush!). 

What it does:  This is a synthetic flat top brush designed to be used as a blush brush or powder brush. I use it to apply foundation.

Price: $10.99 on

I also wanted to compare it to the Sonia Kashuk Synthetic Flat Blusher Brush, which I also love to apply foundation.

– The Brush Couture (“the blue brush”) has a bigger brush head than the synthetic brush (“the black brush”), making foundation application much faster
– The hairs on the blue brush seam to be less packed together, giving a more airbrushed finish, similar to a dual fiber brush

– The black brush has much softer hairs.  The blue brush has pricklier hairs.  After washing this brush weekly for the past 6 months, it’s finally soft enough!
– The blue brush sheds, even after several washings!!

Would I repurchase? I hope I won’t need to, but if I lost this brush, I would definitely repurchase.  It’s a great deal at $11!

As long as you are ok with the prickliness and the shedding, this is a great brush.  I’m hoping that the shedding is not a common problem and that I just got a bad brush.  This is a great foundation brush and I like it a lot more than my expensive brushes!

I hope you enjoyed my review!

xoxo, K

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9 Thoughts on “Review: Sonia Kashuk Brush Couture Flat Top Multipurpose Blush/Powder Brush

  1. Marika xoxo on September 28, 2011 at 18:22 said:

    Lovely review!
    I really want some new brushes!

  2. Jamillca on September 28, 2011 at 19:04 said:

    I got a similar flat ELF top brush from Tammy at Not A Rich Girl, and it’s now one of my faves! Kat is very sweet!

  3. No no on the shedding part but it looks like a great brush 🙂

  4. I’m so glad that you like the brush. I have found that the bristles on it are prickly. It’s nice to know that it will get soft after 6 months or so. Hmmm…haven’t noticed any excessive shedding although it has shed a hair or two here and there. I honestly prefer the black brush more.

  5. An edit to my comment above: I just washed my brush again and now it’s shedding quite a bit. It’s not just your brush. >_<

  6. Oh dear… I even have it shedding when I’m using it.  I hate having to pick off hairs from my face!

  7. It is… too bad about the shedding!

  8. Kat is very sweet, just like you!

  9. Thanks for commenting!

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