Review: MAC Naked Honey Body Wash

This is a review of the MAC Naked Honey Body Wash.  This was a limited edition product and may no longer be available.  I picked this up at Bicester Village in the UK.

Naked Honey collection was from the summer of 2009.  I’m reviewing this product because I believe that MAC skin care just isn’t worth it!

What it does:
Formulated from bio-converted honey, this body wash cleanses the skin while providing the soothing and moisturizing benefits of lavender, narcissus, jasmine flower, and blue agave extracts. Provides a sensual, calming, cleansing experience.

Price: $19.50 for 100ml

Scent: This is a floral scent with herbal undertones. This is not a very sweet scent but is very green and fresh.  I wish I had a perfume like this!

– Like I said, I loved the scent!
– more moisturizing than average body washes

– limited edition
– does not lather up very well
– very pricey!  B&BW shower gels are $5 for 3 fl oz.

Would I repurchase?  No.  I picked this up because it was discounted, but I don’t think it’s worth $20!  Based on this product and others, I’d say skip most of MAC’s skin care products!

Are there any MAC collections that interest you?  From the press releases I’ve seen recently, there isn’t anything I’m excited about.  I wish MAC would reduce the number of collections they release and use that energy/money/time to release something truly exciting!

How about a collection of everything that sold out in an instant (Stereo Rose, Marine Life Blush, etc…)?  That would be exciting and I’m sure it would sell out!

xoxo, K

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10 thoughts on “Review: MAC Naked Honey Body Wash”

  1. Gosh, I don’t ever recall seeing any kind of body care products in our MAC but then again, I never knew that they sold body care products so I never really looked out for it.

  2. It’s beyond time for MAC to revisit those that sold out, peole talk about wanting, as as you say, have a series of “You loved these, they’re back” and give people time to acquire them. If they continue to sell well, then just make them damn permanent already. I get sick of finding something I like, then having to buy 3, 4 back-ups cause they’ll be gone. Makes me wanna buy MAC less and less lately…that annoyance.

    And the price of dazzleglass is insane for the quantity. Maybe re-evaluate price of those in a crap economic time?

    Well, I have been buying more drugstore lipsticks and searching for dupes for highly reviewed stuff (cheaper dupes), bt some of my fave MAC glosses and lippies I will continue to buy. I just look at their promotions less and less….hate wanting something to find it sold out.

    Naked Honey had a nice scent. I still have some of the lotion left. Overpriced body was: Did not get. ; )  Did love some of the glosses/shadows.

  3. I couldn’t agree with your more, lately MAC has gone for quantity over quality!  I would love to see fewer collections but ones where they put together a really great bunch of items. 

  4. Ahh I definitely want to check out bicester village before i leave.. if the riots would allow me 😛

  5. Having them sell all the uber popular stuff again is a genius idea.  I haven’t tried this body wash but am using the volcanic ash exfoliator from the same collection.  Not bad.  =)

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