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This is the last section of my recap on the products I have repurchased before!  I’ve reviewed a lot of products on my blog, but there are only a few that I’ve actually repurchased. Please click on the title to see the review.

Biore Sarasara UV daily care gel
This is the sunscreen I use on my face daily. Please note that it is NOT supposed to be used on the face. This product contains alcohol, and your skin may react badly. I use it on my face because it is the only sunscreen I have ever used that does not make my skin oily.

Gatsby Ice Deodorant Body Paper Ice Citrus
This product is fabulous for hot, sticky summers!  Gatsby is a Japanese brand by Mandom that also makes men’s hair products. Although this commercial is for a different product by Gatsby, I can’t mention Gatsby without mentioning this!

Lush Honey I Washed the Kids soap
This soap smells like toffee and honey!  If you missed out on the shower gel version of this product, It’s Raining Men, it is going to be rereleased! I have also reviewed It’s Raining Men.

Face Wash Nets
This is one of my must-have tools!  It’s cheap and makes washing my face so much more effective!!!!

The Diva Cup
This is a feminine hygiene product, but I really can’t live without it!

I hope you enjoyed this series!  There are lots of products which I think are pretty good, but not so many that I’ve actually repurchased.
What are some products that you have repurchased?

xoxo, K

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6 thoughts on “Products I have repurchased – Body/Tools”

  1. Ooh, I should try that sunblock.  Most sunblocks break me out at least a little.  I’m also terribly oily, so anything that can help with that would be great.  Love your series on repurchases!

  2. Every time I see that soap, I think of you! I always re-purchase my Bio-Derma and Neutrogena SPF100 sunscreens for face and body.

  3. As soon as I use up more of my body washes, I will be picking up Honey I Washed The Kids Soap. I liked It’s Raining Men but really want to try the soap next time.

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