NOTD and review: Orly Galaxy Girl

This is a review of the Orly Galaxy Girl nail polish. This was part of the Cosmic FX Collection and may no longer be available.  Iyah helped me to get a hold of this nail polish.

Color: Purple with red/teal flecks..

Price: $10

– got rich color with two coats (I cannot stand having to paint 3 coats)
– wore pretty well. I’m very hard on my hands and most nail polishes last less than 2 days.  This started chipping in the third day

– slightly more expensive than Orly’s usual colors ($10 vs $7.50… which is less than drugstore price in Japan!)
– I’m not a fan of Orly’s brushes. I wish they were a little flatter.

As with all nail polishes with glitter, this is a pain to remove. I suggest using uncolored felt, or a cotton pad wrapped in pantyhose (one you plan to throw out, of course). Both methods snag the glitter and make it easier to remove.  Should I do a post on this method?

Hope you enjoyed this review!

xoxo, K

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12 thoughts on “NOTD and review: Orly Galaxy Girl”

  1. Thats a really gorgeous colour :O 
    But for $10.. is it really worth it?
    Please do make a post on how you remove glitter polishes.. i usually go through several cotton pads to remove it off ONE hand! 🙁

  2. I remember how you wanted this and I couldn’t find it here locally for you.

    I have never heard of that method of removing the glitter polishes. Please do a post because I agree that removing glitter polish is such a pain!

  3. Hi K,

    Your contact form is not available.  I am trying to get in touch with you for a product review.

    Mike Bluestone
    mbluestone94 at gmail

  4. Oh yeah, absolutely show how you remove glitter nail polish…sounds intriguing!

    That’s a fierce colour, girl…I like. I always feel bolder with dark nail polish 😉

  5. I think it’s worth it since it’s very unique.  But like I said, drugstore nail polishes in Japan are like $10 anyway, so I may be biased!

    Wow, it looks like everyone wants to know how to remove glitter polishes!  I’ll do a tutorial on it soon.

  6. Thanks for looking around for this nail polish!  Yes, I’ll do the post soon!

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