Weekly Reads #19: June 22, 2011

Beauty and Fashion
Trends I will never wear, via Wardrobe Oxygen
How to feel confident in your bikini, via Beauty Fool
4 Sunscreen Myths Debunked, via Beautiful With Brains
The FDA’s new regulations on sunscreen, via The Future Derm
Summer Hair Mishaps, via Makeup and Beauty Blog

10 Bang for your buck meals, via Macheesmo
Vietnamese Daikon and Carrot pickles, via Simply Recipes

5 packing tips for the over packer, via Makeup and Beauty Blog
How to travel better, via Ask Metafilter
How to manage toiletries while traveling, via Ask Metafilter

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  1. Thank you for sharing! Perfect for now because I am bored and need reading material, lol


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