Weekly Reads #18: June 15, 2011

You may remember that I sprained my ankle a week or so ago.  It’s getting much better, but I am very sensitive to heels.  Some of my heels have worn down slightly and are not even.  Previously, I didn’t even notice this, but now I don’t want to wear them for fear of another sprain!  I REALLY want my ankle to heal so I can go running again!

Hope your week is going well!

xoxo, K

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6 thoughts on “Weekly Reads #18: June 15, 2011”

  1. Thank you for this post, I will look into those reads.  It’s a cold, rainy Friday afternoon here at the moment so they’re perfect.

    You have a fantastic blog and I will definitly come back to read more of your posts!  I wish you all the luck in the world with your blog (although I am sure you don’t need it).
    All the best,Voe._______________________________________http://lipstick-and-pearls.blogspot.com

  2. i’d be interested in posting about DSLR’s if i had more focused questions – i feel like i tend to ramble on a bit, and don’t have a large reader base enough to ask the questions myself. 

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