Beauty Blogs’ Backstage – Interview with Mika-chan from Aijuswhanakno

It’s time for Beauty Blogs’ Backstage again! This month, I was paired with Mika-chan (Dominique) from Aijuswhanakno. Mika-chan’s blog features a ton of fabulous bright looks with such creative color combinations!  This is also the first time I’ve been paired with a beauty blogger that I’m already friends with.  It was a fabulous chance to ask the questions that I’ve always been meaning to ask!

1. Many of us have been following your move from Okinawa back to the US.  Have you experienced any reverse culture shocks? (K’s note: to read about Mika-chan’s move from Okinawa, Japan back to the US, see here)

Oh my goodness, yes!  I still have a hard time finding food to eat, because I want Japanese.  People here are so rude, too 🙁  There are good things about being in California (like my better job), but I definitely miss being in Okinawa.
2. Could you tell us the backstory behind your blog name “Aijuswhanakno” and “Mika-chan” (and especially the kanji)?
“Aijuswhanakno” is simple to explain.   It has been my online screen name for a while now.  Years ago I stole inspiration from Musiq Soulchild, and his album “aijuswanaseing” (I just wanna sing.”  I am very inquisitive by nature.  I just wanna know = aijuswhanakno 🙂
“Mika Chan” was actually coined by my Okinawan/Japanese friends.  “Chan” is just a very familiar term for friends, and is often added after the name of the person you are speaking too.  When I met my first few Okinawan friends, they would struggle to say my actual name (Dominique).  To make it easier, I told them they could just call me “Mika” or “Miki”, which various people have used as a nick name.  That took off well, and anyone in Okinawa knows me as Mika Chan.  The kanji came from a dear friend of mine, (and the first one I made in Oki).  The kanji for “mi” (美) is actually the same as the “mi” in her own name, so we share that.  It means “beautiful”.  The kanji for “ka” (華)looked best with “mi”, and made sense to us.  To my kanji is “beautiful flower” 🙂

(K’s note: the name Mika-chan, as well as the kanji used, are perfectly legit Japanese female’s names. Dominique and her friend have good taste!)
3. I love how you embrace trying out bright, bold colors.  Is thereany eyeshadow color which you think more people should try, either a brand or a general color?
I think people should try the colors that they are afraid of!! More often than not the colors end up looking amazing on them when applied correctly.  I’m just sick of people thinking everyone should wear nudes, lol
4. I noticed that your profile pic has you with straight hair, but you also post pics with curly hair.  What do you like best about straight hair looks and about curly looks?
I think that when I have straight hair, my facial features are more clear and less muddy.  Does that make sense?  However , I LOVE my curly hair 🙂
5. This is a question someone else on B3 asked me: What is your definition of beauty?
I think that beauty is just being comfortable and confident with yourself.  Embracing your natural curves, enhancing your sexiness, being YOU.  I don’t believe much in following our society’s standards.  And sexy is NOT being forcibly waif-thin.
6. What is your go-to non-alcoholic drink?
Energy drinks and coffee!!   I cannot survive w/o caffeine, lol.
7. I also moved recently.  Is there anything you miss about Okinawa?  What is the best part about going back?
Omg everything!!!  The people, the food, the environment, weather, resources available, everything!  I miss every single last little bit.  I cannot wait to get a chance to go back, but I know now that my son is getting everything that he needs.  That is what matters the most.
Thank you for answering my questions, Mika-chan! It was such a pleasure interviewing her – you can see how much effort she put in answering my questions!
xoxo, K
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  1. Thanks K for doing this interview and thanks to Mika chan for her honest and insightful answers. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this.

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