Weigh Loss – Week 7: Watch Your Portions

This week’s weight loss theme was to watch your portions.

You may know that I used to live in the US when I was a child.  Now when I go there, I am amazed at how large the portions are.  Entrees are three times the size they should be.  No wonder people have problems with their portions.

The difficulty in Asia is that we have communal dishes.  For example, there will be a large dish of dumplings that we all serve ourselves from.  It’s easy to overeat when your personal dish is the size of a saucer because you are sure to fill it from the communal dishes several times.

That being said, I think I did pretty well this week.

  • I ate my minestrone, which was chock full of vegetables
  • I’ve found a way to make salads I like.  I don’t add much protein, so it’s not a good thing for lunch, but it’s good enough for dinner
  • I did eat out once, but I stayed away from fried foods and ate mostly vegetables
  • I stuck to the Couch to 5K running program

 This week’s weigh in: 68.2kg / 150 lbs (+1.4kg)
I’m actually OK with the weight gain this week.  I’m getting muscle pains from running, so I know I’m building muscle.  Even if I don’t end up losing weight, I’m going to stick to my eating and exercise plans!

xoxo, K

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6 thoughts on “Weigh Loss – Week 7: Watch Your Portions”

  1. I agree that the U.S. portions vs. Japan portions are a huge difference. That really does explain the weight discrepancies between the two countries. 

    I’m glad that you’re looking at your slight weight gain positively especially since I also believe that it’s muscle weight that you’ve gained, which is a positive. I’m rooting for you from here in Hawaii.

  2. Actually my weight fluctuates on a week-by-week basis too…I wonder if it’s just water retention…

    Speaking of portions, I do find it hard to be consistent esp when I’m super hungry and it doesn’t help that in Singapore culture, portions are pretty big (but not as big as American ones) so in Japan, I tend to find them so tiny! Def a mind-shift…

  3. ahh I totally feel you about how Asians tend to eat communally so it’s hard to do portion control (or stay away from tempting foods ><).  But it sounds like you’re doing a good job 🙂  I love minestrone ^_^

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