Up and Down #14 / A Piece of Me… in May 2011

I went back to Japan last month, and yet again, I flew JAL.  I enjoy the lunches that JAL provides on their short hauls leaving from Japan.  They are really light bentos and a really nice change from the crappy food that many airlines serve.

 It was served with this rice, which was also very good.

I did a similar post on JAL lunches before, if you are interested.  Short haul flights seem to be from Japan to most of Asia, about 3.5 hrs or less.

On to my Ups and Downs!

– St Ives Green Tea cleanser

I absolutely loved this.  I finished up the tube, and then cut it up to get what was left inside.  There was more than 2 weeks’ worth left!  I have a separate post on how to get the most out of your squeeze tube products.

– NYX Jumbo eyeshadow pencils which I got 2 years ago from Iyah

 This picture is also from 2 years ago.  I hope my photography skills have improved a little since then!

The Royal Wedding.  I really, really loved it… but I’m also glad I’m in a country where almost NO ONE talks about it!  I would get sick of it if it were on TV everyday!

– Finding out that (1) CSI is on Wowow (a Japanese cable station similar to HBO), and (2) I can get Wowow for free in my new apartment.  I love the CSI series!

– Getting hooked on The Farm Story

– Getting sick, again. (The bottle of Nyquil I bought in Hawaii is REALLY helping!)
– Trying to use up a Bath & Body Works product when I really don’t like the scent.

It’s time for A Piece of Me in May 2011.
This month…

I like: that it’s finally warm enough to go outside!

I don’t like: not being able to stay healthy.
I want you to know: that being sick in a foreign country really sucks

I’ve planned: to eat more vegetables and less red meat.

xoxo, K

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10 thoughts on “Up and Down #14 / A Piece of Me… in May 2011”

  1. The bento looks so yummy!

    Awww, it sucks that you’re sick again. I really think that it’s got to be issues with sanitation and handling of products–not your fault. Please take care!

    I’ve also started watching CSI–there’s been CSI marathons on tv recently. Also am totally into NCIS!

  2. Thanks again! I’m trying to eat more vegetables and fruits… I’ll keep trying. The good thing is that mangoes, which I love, are really cheap here!

    NCIS! I need to watch that too!

  3. the bento box is adorable!  I’ve only ever used US Air for international flights and their food sucks 😛 It’s always ramen to be “Asian”… I hope you got better quickly while you were in Japan! 

  4. Ugh, I hate food on American carriers.  Chinese companies are worse though – their toilets don’t always work!

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