Review: Lush Tuca Tuca Massage Bar

This is a review for the Lush Tuca Tuca Massage Bar.  I bought this during my trip to London last fall.

At first, I could not find this on the Lush Japan website.  It turns out that it was listed in the Tuca Tuca perfume section, not in the massage bar section.

What it does:
The fragrance of a bright pop song. Tuca Tuca is whimsical; it teases with a fantasy violet accord and works its way into your subconscious. The perfume perfectly conveys the playful and seductive nature of the pop-song and the dance it’s based on. Only the Italians could have come up with such a mischievous dance and pull it off with style and sex appeal

5.25 GBP, 980 JPY, 7.95 USD.
With the current exchange rate, this product is actually cheaper in the US than in the UK!  What a surprise – usually Lush is MUCH less expensive in the UK.

I don’t know how to describe this.  It smells very herbally and earthy. It is a very strong scent.  This has Cassie absolute, Vanilla absolute (although I don’t smell any vanilla), Sandalwood oil, Vetivert oil, Violet leaf absolute, and Ylang-Ylang oil.  I personally liked it, but I can understand why others don’t.

– This feels like a block of shea butter and cocoa butter with some other stuff mixed in.  When you first rub it against your skin, it doesn’t melt, but as it heats up, it melts very easily.
– This does not absorb easily into the skin.  You can rub it over yourself (or a partner, hint hint) and still have time to massage it into the skin.
– The claim is very interesting (sex appeal, anyone?).  Unfortunately, I could not test the validity of the claim.

– the scent may be overwhelming. 
– As stated above, this does not easily absorb into your skin.  If you are looking for a moisturizer that you can slather on your body and then jump into your clothes, this is not that product.
– For the above two reasons, i don’t suggest using it in the morning
– This will not fit into Lush’s massage bar tins (Several of them don’t.  I wonder why Lush designs their bars to not fit, especially since you can get a tin free if you buy two bars!)
– Be careful about using this or storing this in the summer.  It will easily melt.

Would I repurchase? maybe.  I liked this product, but I’m curious to try Lush’s other massage bars. 

I had an interesting time playing with this product.  It was satisfying to rub it all over my body every evening and massage it in. I used up about half of this product in 10 days, which was really surprising!

Hope this review helped!

xoxo, K

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6 thoughts on “Review: Lush Tuca Tuca Massage Bar”

  1. Too bad that it doesn’t absorb into the skin quickly but then again, that’s probably why it’s called a massage bar. I really need to get myself back to the Lush store. Thanks for posting about all of your lush purchases. I find them really interesting and learn about some items that I probably wouldn’t have even thought about trying.

  2. Lush is really a love-hate kind of store.  One of the reasons I like the brand is because most of the SAs really do love Lush.  But yeah, the smell of the store is pretty insane.

    I probably need someone to massage me to use this product to its full potential!

  3. i have tried a few of lush massage bars and i love them, but i dislike it sometimes (oxymoron eh)…because it does not absorb into the skin easily!…but i love their scent!

  4. it sounds really interesting! i had some pure shea butter in a tub and i wasn’t crazy that i couldn’t rub it into my skin so i easily so i stopped using it. i may get back into using it again though!

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