Weight Loss – Week 6: Eat Healthy Fats… and I need help

This week’s challenge was to Eat Healthy Fats.

Lyn from Escape from Obesity (the blog where I got my Weekly Challenges) mentions that even good fats will make you gain weight if you eat too much of them.  The challenge is to substitute healthy fats for bad fats.

Here is a list taken from Lyn’s blog.

Bad Fats (trans fats, saturated fats, and cholesterol):
red meat, poultry, eggs
butter, whole milk, cheese
coconut oil, palm oil (in processed foods)
shortening, lard, margarine
many processed crackers, cookies, fried foods (read labels!)

Good Fats (monounsaturated, polyunsaturated, and omega-3’s):
olive oil, peanut oil, canola oil
nuts (especially walnuts!)
flax seeds (ground), soybeans
salmon, halibut, tuna, or fish oil capsules

This week’s weigh in: 67.6kg / 149lbs (+0.2kg)
Can I just mention how frustrating it is not to lose weight????? 

Honestly speaking, my heath is crappy right now because of what I eat.  I have an induction cooker, which is VERY hard for me to cook on because I am used to gas.  The quality of vegetables and fruit that I can get in stores is really not very good.

I need more vegetables!! Actually, I need food with love, instead of the crappy stuff I’m eating!!  I just don’t know what to do.  I feel sick if I eat certain things, and I’m losing the motivation to cook, or to eat, for that matter! 

I eat a piece of bread for lunch because I cannot stomach the food at work – very greasy, very spicy, and I cannot bring food to work.  I eat very little except for when I go out to eat, because food just doesn’t taste good anymore.  And this is coming from someone who loves to eat!  I don’t go out to eat because I want to get home, get on my Wii Fit, and get to sleep.  My dinner is usually something like some rice with natto!  Yes, I know it’s too many carbs, but I really, really have lost the motivation to prepare food.

How can I get back to eating healthy?  Food just doesn’t have any appeal to me anymore… and still, I’m not losing weight!

xoxo, K

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13 thoughts on “Weight Loss – Week 6: Eat Healthy Fats… and I need help”

  1. Hi K, when I feel like I’m in a food rut, I look for recipes to make new dishes. A few dishes that can be made with whatever produce you can find. I’m not sure what it’s like in Beijing, but when I moved from Singapore to Tokyo, I had to learn how to cook with unfamiliar vegetables and produce. I understand that part of your problem is you have to work with poor quality vegetables and food….but perhaps choose the best of the lot? Or are there foreign supermarkets – you may have to pay more but it’s still worth it?

    What I was used to couldn’t be found in Tokyo and I was actually depressed and uninspired for a while and all I wanted was Singaporean food. But over time, I have found my own personal favourites to cook (not Japanese dishes but I put my own spin on Asian dishes I like with Japanese ingredients, eg, Chinese-style stir-fried soba noodles – blasphemy to you maybe…but delicious to me ;-))

    Anyway, I always find a fully stocked fridge motivates me to cook for myself. I find that knowing what I put in my food can help me control my diet better.

    Not sure if my comment address your problem with cooking healthy/tasty dishes…I’ve never lived in China so I may not understand the challenges you are facing. If anything, all of your readers are rooting for you….ganbare…!! Don’t give up!

  2. I’m in the same place you are at the moment I can’t be asked to cook or eat but then when I do eat rubbish. There are some weeks that I’m good, prepare all of our meals and make salads for lunch but all it takes is a few crazy days at work and some late nights and then everything is a mess again. Going to use the Easter break to come up with new things to cook.

  3. I love all of the bad fats stuff–butter, cheese, milk (although I usually buy only 1% or 2% milk) and poultry! I don’t really care for red meat and pork but I love poultry. The one thing that I do use is olive oil in all of my cooking.

    It certainly must be challenging in China with finding good foods that are healthy as well as sanitary. Also, with your long working hours, it makes it difficult to shop around and find a good, quality place.

    My thoughts are with you in the hopes that you can find your way soon. I am cheering you on with your quest for weight loss but the one positive is that you are certainly working on a healthier lifestyle. I’m proud of you!

  4. *big hugs* are you still in china now? my dad used to work in china and would always buy loads of goods(food) here to lug back to china.as most of the vegetables and meat there are not very up to standard and their food stalls are not suitable to our diet.maybe you would hire a helper to cook meals for you?or ask your colleagues where to get good quality vegetables.
    i love food too..having delicious food makes me happy ^_^ ganbare and we are here for you! lets work towards having a trim and fit body! XD
    would you like me to send to some yummy and healthy cereals/goods that can be ship overseas for you to snack on?

  5. I’m actually shopping at a pretty high-end supermarket. Sometimes I wonder if the local places have better quality produce. Let’s see!

    Thank you so much for your encouragement!!

  6. You’re right, maybe it’s because of living abroad. I’ve lived in my current apartment for about 4 months now, so I’ve settled into a routine. Maybe now, the culture shock is really getting to me!

  7. Hang in there Kay! I know it’s rough when you get into a food rut, and I can only imagine how difficult it is not to have nice produce to buy (if I could ship you a box of veggies from the farmer’s market, I totally would!!), but whenever I feel like the food I’m eating is getting boring, I just start looking online for new recipes (allrecipes, slashfood, etc.). There was even a site I used where you would enter what ingredients you had laying around and it would search for recipes that you could make (with maybe 2-3 additional ingredients to buy).

    You’re probably not losing weight because you’re not eating – your body thinks that you’re not taking in calories regularly, so its holding on to the calories you do eat. Maybe smaller but more frequent portions of whatever you’re eating during the day would help?

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