Weight Loss – Week 5: Slow Down

This week’s habit is Slowing Down. It is about mindful eating.  Have you ever opened a package of cookies, meaning to eat only one, and suddenly you notice that you’ve eaten the whole box?  Our mind takes time to register that our stomachs are full, and slowing down can help with this.

I am honestly VERY bad with this.  I work while I eat lunch because it’s the only time of the day I have to answer emails (and yes, I mean work emails), other than in the car ride to/from work.  I even work sometimes when I’m eating dinner! 

I’m trying not to eat dinner in front of the computer, though.  It’s really hard if you live alone.  I crave sound from my tv or from my computer.  Eating in silence is pretty sad!  Oh well, I guess it helps me eat less!

This week’s weigh in: 67.4 kg / 148.6lbs (+0.2 kg)
AGHHHH another gain!!!  This is really, really difficult, especially since I’m always not feeling great these days! I know it’s the food here.  Ever since I stopped eating out, I’ve stopped eating delicious Japanese food.  It is increasing my stress!!!!

xoxo, K

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8 thoughts on “Weight Loss – Week 5: Slow Down”

  1. By habit, I do not eat slowly. The hubs and I are fast eaters. I remember when we were in Japan at the airport and we had so much time to wait for our flight back home. We decided to eat dinner at a restaurant in the airport and we told ourselves that we would eat really slowly to kill time. We were done in no time.

    I also eat and work at the same time while at work. There just doesn’t seem to be enough time to finish everything.

    I know that it’s really difficult for you right now, especially since your health hasn’t been the best. Don’t sweat it. You’re doing great! Just think back to before you started all of this. You have to admit that you’re doing things that are much healthier now. I’m proud of you and cheering you on!

  2. omg that’s totally me 🙁 it’s so hard even when i tell myself, okay, for this meal, eat smaller bites and take your time! but even so i rarely do 🙁

  3. kay, i hope everything do well for you in Japan….
    I need to cut down some food to loose weight too… terrible xD

    how bout change larger portion of food in breakfast, moderate for lunch and just fruits or steam vege no carb for dinner?

  4. I know you are fast at everything, especially walking!

    My health hasn’t been great since I moved. It’s the lack of fresh air and fresh food. Hopefully things will improve! Thank you for the well wishes!

  5. Do you think you could do that for the rest of your life? I think if I do that just for a while, my weight will return as soon as I start eating normally. If it works, great for you!

  6. hahahaha oh man. i eat SOOO fast :X it’s terrible. then a few minutes later i feel SO full. i think it’s a good tip for everyone, not only people who want to watch their weight.

    one week at a time! don’t get too discouraged <3

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