Weekly Reads #11: April 20, 2011

How is the weather where you are?  It has suddenly gotten really warm in the past two weeks, going from 12C (54F) to 27C (80F).  Evenings are still chilly, though!

Hope your week is going well!

xoxo, K

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4 thoughts on “Weekly Reads #11: April 20, 2011”

  1. I’d love to read a similar post about what to splurge/save 😀 always interesting to read that kind of thing.

  2. Why isn’t waxing so popular in Japan is it frowned upon or is it just too expensive as there isn’t many places that do it?

  3. Waxing just never got popular in Japan! Most people shave, use machines to pluck hair, or get laser treatment!

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