Review: Kevin Beautymaker Light Primer SPF 30 PA++

This is a review for the Kevin Beautymaker Light Primer SPF 30 PA++.  This was a gift to me from another blogger.  Kevin Beautymaker is a Taiwanese brand.

What it does:
The light weight primer create a smooth, invisible layer that act as a buffer between the skin and makeup. It can be used to help create a perfect canvas for foundation application or worn alone as the sheerest of perfection for the ultimate natural look. SPF30 protects the skin from the harmful effects of the sun. (from

Price: $18.99 on imomoko,

Swatched heavily


– SPF 30, PA++
SPF refers to the level of protection for UV-B rays, which cause sunburn.  UV-A rays are also harmful, causing wrinkles, skin cancer and other damage.  The FDA does not seem to have a guideline for indicating UV-A protection.  In Asia, many products show the level of UV-A protection using PA+, PA++, or PA+++. 
– slightly corrects skin discoloration.
– squeeze tube is easy to use

– It feels like heavy sunscreen
– Makes my skin oily in a few hours
– Did not make my makeup last longer

Would I repurchase? No, I would rather use sunscreen!

I’m really hoping that I’ll be able to use this up before the summer.  It’s already making me oily in the spring!

Hope you enjoyed this review!

xoxo, K

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9 thoughts on “Review: Kevin Beautymaker Light Primer SPF 30 PA++”

  1. oh no on making your skin oil up after several hours! It looks a bit pinkish in tone or is it just the photo? (after application) 😀

  2. too bad it doesnt work well – it nice to apply sunblock/sunscreen separately i do that all the time.

  3. awww… i have one of this in my cabinet somewhere which i got it like last yr… think i should dig for it and ditch it to save space for others.

  4. I dont use primers anymore since im on the bb cream, but i used to use the Diorsnow makeup base – it had a creamy yellow tint to it. That would be my HG but it’s expensive.

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