Weight Loss – Week 2: MOVE!

As you might remember, I’m following Escape from Obesity’s Habit-a-Week challengeThe Week 2 habit is to move.  Lyn, the author of the blog, doesn’t say that you need to exercise, only that you need to move.  That seems simple enough to do, but please take a look at her post on this week’s habit to understand why it’s an important habit to have.
I’ve been pretty good this week on my Wii Fit+.  I’ve averaged about 30 min a day.  As I mentioned in my last post, this week has just been super hectic, and there are days when I could only squeeze in a quick run.  Still, I used my Wii Fit+ every single day, so I’m proud of myself! 

Buying the Wii Fit+ was a really great idea.  I get bored very easily on weekends, especially since it was too cold to go out.  Previously, my choices were to play on my computer or to nap.  Now, I play on my Wii Fit+!!!  Even if I’m staying in, I still burn calories!

This week’s weigh in: 67.4 kg / 148.6 lbs (-0.7kg)  WOOT!!!

I know, -0.7kg is not a big weight loss.  In fact, it is within the amount that a person’s weight normally fluctuates throughout the day.  But hey, I needed some motivation and I’ve really been trying hard.  Celebrate with me!

I’m taking it super slow this weekend so I can recover from my exhaustion and start working hard from Monday! Hope your weekend is going well!


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20 thoughts on “Weight Loss – Week 2: MOVE!”

  1. Reading your posts gives me motivation to keep going to yoga, with it being so cold out its easy for me to tell myself I dont have to go. Thanks for sharing with us! And I think its better to work at a slower pace and keep it off, than to lose tons and rebound!

  2. Oh man, I tried to play wii fit everyday last year but I slacked, I was so determined to lose weight too. I think I’ll start playing it again, I was thinking of doing wii fit and just dance 2 everyday.

  3. Woohoo for losing a bit! More importantly though is that what you’re doing is awesome for your health AND that you’ve been consistently doing it. Keep it up!

  4. I’ve been trying to move more too! I think cleaning is a good way to go. Yesterday I was a bit over-zealous though, and accidentally threw away stuff I needed. xD But yea, scrubbing, polishing, picking up stuff… nice workout. 🙂

  5. i am happy that you are doing this on the blog and i have been following all the posts. well, i have something to say about MOVE. it’s best to walk than taking any form of trnsportation and I seriously enjoy it. You’d find you see more things and take more time to enjoy what surrounds you. It’s the best way to lose weight, seriously. oh, make sure you don’t carry too much money or CC so you don’t spend when you walk. You’d less likely to find a cafe and eat too! 😛

    I am going to see if I can loose another 5kg as well. I am with you!

  6. I’m the same as you – if I need to prepare something to exercise, I won’t do it. That’s why the Wii Fit works for me!

    Thanks for the kind words. Let’s keep motivating each other!!

  7. Thank you!!!! It’s thanks to kind comments like yours that I’m able to continue!

  8. When I was in Japan, I felt the same way. I walked everywhere, which is pretty normal in Japan. I can’t really do that over here due to the pollution. Hopefully Wii Fit will help me!

  9. You love your Wii Fit! I am holding off on buying one since I realized I have Just Dance 2 which I haven’t even played yet, hmmm perhaps I shall today. You’re doing really great keeping up with your weekly challenges! Hope you’re feeling better rested and more energized now!

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