Beauty Blogs’ Backstage – Interview with Zara from Pinch Your Cheeks

It’s time for Beauty Blogs’ Backstage again! This month, I was paired with Zara from Pinch Your Cheeks.

Zara is a blogger from the UK.  Read on to see her answers to my questions!

1. What got you into blogging?

I got into it for personal reasons. I needed somewhere to just write about stuff without having to worry about the affecting feelings of people I know. Then it evolved to writing about things like skincare and make up which is my little decadent interest! My little blog is very personal to me, but I love talking about beauty products which is why there are a lot of posts on that type of stuff!
2. I see you are from the UK!  What brands do you hope will become available there?
I’d like to try out more NYX stuff which is not readily available in the UK. Also I hear so much about Bioderma and Emboryolisse products which would nice if they were more available
3. What are your favorite youtube channels or blogs?
Just to name a few and in no particular order:
4. Describe a favorite daily look
I always end up going back to winged eyeliner and volumised eyelashes!
5. I see you have a lot of experience with dying your hair.  What colors have you dyed it?
A LOT of colours – red, purple, streaks of green, blue, blonde hightlights, countless shades of brown. For the last six months, I have settled to jet black and am still not bored of it surprisingly. But I reckon will go lighter by summer for a few months. 
6. What are your hobbies other than blogging?
I love experiencing new skills. Recently I have done some archery, boot camp, rock climbing and ahem – burlesque! . I am always looking for deals on traveling anywhere. I’ve discovered my love for the gym for the first time in my life (which I hope that I keep up). Oh and reading. Love that.
7. What is your guilty pleasure?

Chips/fries. Also, vegging out all day and night in my pajamas with no make up on (basically being a slob!) 

I hope you enjoyed this interview.  Head on over to Pinch Your Cheeks to see her interview of me!

xoxo, K

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