Weight Loss – Week 1: Drink Your Water

If you have not read my Weight Loss – Week 0, please read that first.  This is a personal post.  Please be sensitive.

First, a MASSIVE thank you to everyone who commented, tweeted, sent me messages on my previous post.  I was so uncomfortable writing that post, and I was FLOORED by all the love that everyone has sent me.  Thank you for saying you wanted to keep seeing these posts.  Now I realize why Weight Watchers works – because you’ve got a support group.  Hopefully, posting my progress on this blog will help keep me motivated!

No, this is not really Week 1.  I’ve been trying to change my lifestyle to be healthier and more active for about a full 2 weeks now, making this Week 3.  However, the first 10 days or so (before my previous post) were while I was on vacation.  I knew this would be harder to do after I started work again, so I wanted to go slow – hence, Week 1.

When I decided to really start losing weight, I searched around for a good weight loss blog.  The one I’m following now is called Escape from Obesity by Lyn.  Lyn is an inspiration to me because she has lost over 100 lbs, and yes, she has fallen off the wagon before! She has tracked her monthly weight loss, and there have been months when she gained.  But wow, her before/after pictures are amazing!

Lyn introduces something on her blog called “the Habit-A-Week Challenge”The intro to her Habit-A-Week is pretty amazing!  I wanted to follow this Habit-A-Week Challenge because I know that I get bored easily, and if I could master a habit a week, that would be a big enough change for me.

The Week 1 Challenge is to Drink Your Water.  This habit consists of 5 parts, (1) Find your water source, (2) Find a cup, (3) Make water your friend, (4) Make it a HABIT, and (5) Drink other things.  The link takes you to Lyn’s post on the content of this habit, so please take a look there for the specifics.

1. Find your water source. 
This was relatively easy for me.  I am used to drinking regular drinking water.  Because the tap water here is not drinkable, every house comes with a water cooler.  My workplace has one too, in almost every single room.  

2. Get a cup. 
Most people here have something that looks like a cross between a tupperware and a tumbler.

I needed one for work anyway, since there were water coolers but no cups. Now I could fill it up and go anywhere with my water.  I’ve found that this works better for me than tumblers or sports bottles, especially because they are easy to wash.

3. Make water your friend.  
This part talks about “preparing” water so that you will want to drink it.  For example, if you like it cold, keep a pitcher in the fridge.  Another example is that if you don’t like how plain water tastes, add some lemon to the pitcher.
I honestly have no trouble drinking just plain water. I used to drink unsweetened tea (oolong or green tea) when I was in Japan, but I switched to water after moving.  However, there’s a snag coming up…

4. Make it a HABIT 
The basis of this is the Hydration Calculator, which told me I needed 3 liters of water a day (over 100 fluid oz)!  How would I manage to get that in?  Here are some tips which Lyn gives (from her blog):

– Drink 16 oz when you wake up, before you do anything else.  That’s nearly 500 ml!
– Drink 16 oz with all 3 meals each day.  Drink half of it before the meal to make you feel full.
– Drink 16 oz when you want a snack, before you have your snack.  As Lyn says, “If you MAKE yourself drink a glass of water before you eat a snack, every time you have one, you will get full and eat less snacks. EVEN IF YOU BINGE this week… drink just an 8 or 16 oz glass of water before you start eating. Seriously. This is a good habit to have.” She also mentions that the brain sometimes thinks you are hungry when you are really thirsty.

Honestly, this part was hard.  It was A LOT harder than I thought.  I wake up every morning thirsty from the dry climate I live in, but still, drinking 500 ml first thing in the morning made me want to gag at first.  However, it works.  I feel so much better in the morning after having my water!

Also, I realized I don’t drink water at work because I have no time to pee.  I am always running from one meeting to another, and I sometimes forget to pee. Sometimes I even think, “I’m thirsty, but I need to be in a meeting, so I don’t want to go pee.” (I know, that’s really bad for the health…)  Forcing myself to drink water means forcing myself to go to the restroom.  Considering I can step out of the majority of my meetings for a few moments, I made a conscious decision to drink more water.

This brought me back to Item 3 – Make Water Your Friend.  When I tried to drink this much water, I realized that I prefer warm water.  Not hot, not cold, warm.  Yes, I know it sounds disgusting.  However, if I need to drink this much water, it is much easier on my stomach when it’s the appropriate temperature.  This was the core concept of “making water my friend” – I figured out what works best for me.

5. Drinking other things. 
This part talks about drinking green tea for health benefits.  I’m Japanese, I love my green tea.  I also enjoy unsweetened herbal teas.  My favorite is from Mighty Leaf, which is hard to find here in Asia!

So that’s it for the Week 1 Challenge!  Hope I’ll do as well on Week 2!

Weight on Jan 30: 67.2kg /148lbs
This week’s weigh in: 67.9kg /150lbs (+0.7kg)

Yes, I’m a little disappointed that I didn’t lose weight this week.  Last week, I lost weight, and I seemed to have regained it.  However, I am eating much better, and I’m exercising daily, so I’m still happy with myself!  In fact, I’m pretty proud of the fact that I have done at least 30 minutes on my Wii almost every day since I got it!

xoxo, K

PS: I am traveling next week.  I am not going to try a new habit while I am gone, and just continue this one.  Hence, next week’s post is still going to be “Week 1 – again!”

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25 thoughts on “Weight Loss – Week 1: Drink Your Water”

  1. This is so inspirational Kay, thanks for sharing w/ us Lyn’s blog. just looking at her before and after pictures inspire me! I also need to remember to drink a lot of water. I normally don’t have a problem when I am at home however at work, sometimes I often get too busy to forget to refill. There used to be at times when I’d do that and go thirsty for the whole day without realizing it, or drink my water and then sit in front of my computer working, and not wanting to get up to go pee (plus our bathroom is freakin cold)…until I realized that was a problem. I was getting UTI by the time I get home because I didn’t have enough water to flush my system. My doctor emphasized the fact that I need to remember to drink water, and now I am more conscious about it. Still need to do better though 🙂
    On the exercise/weight loss department, I failed this week 🙁 because I caught a fever and have been working overtime this week because of deadlines. I wanted to keep up with my P90 but hubby didn’t let me and none of the friends I talked to let me hahaha, and I guess yea I do need the rest. So I am restarting once I recover and gonna enjoy my weekend resting. I realize I really just eat too much, especially when I am stressed and busy, eating calms me down, and that’s bad. This is also somehting to be more aware of everyday, just control my food intake. To me controlling portions helped me to lose weight much faster than exercising, but of course exercising helps to tone.
    Good luck Kay 🙂 Thanks for keeping up with your posting so it can help me stay in track too! <3

  2. I totally agree on water – I actually only drink water…some juices/teas now and then but not much. 8D also drinking a glass of cold water in the morning first thing is a goodstart for a day. Cleans your system, and cold water (although take this by a grain, since it’s veeery small) helps boost your metabolism a teensy bit.

    And don’t worry about gaining a bit – 🙂 it’s probably muscle! Maybe you should think about taking tape measurements for your own knowledge? That way you can see the differences in inches ^^

    Good luck! I’m cheering you on >o< ~!!

  3. You’re doing a great job so far K! I meant to tell you in the first post to not be surprised if you actually gain weight because you’re gaining muscle weight which is heavier than fat. Also, like Kotori said, the best way to gauge how well you’re doing is not by scale but by inches so get out that tape measure!

  4. dont give up!! the water really really helps!!! i know it can make you feel full and sometimes heavier ( hence scale increase) but thats not real lbs and it is just flushing out ur toxins. Within a few wks water will be ur complete habit and u will see improvement in skin, and waistline, patience is just key with water =)

  5. i just wanted to leave a quick note here to encourage you in your weight loss path! I noticed we’re the same weight (i’m around 145-150-ish right now i think, though i haven’t weighed myself in a good month due to temporarily working away from home) and both asian. I can completely understand how you feel when you said in Week 0 about how in Japan (or any asian country really), being an L size is essentially considered obese.

    I am the same way, i’m 5’5″ and 150lbs, BMI of 24.9 ish, and i’m a bloody monster when i’m with my asian friends -_-;;; I love Japanese fashion (SO cute!) but i feel completely embarrassed to even look at anything in Japanese shops, nevermind asking if i can try anything on. I was able to get down low enough in US to wear M sizes at certain labels, but i’m still like L or LL in asian countries. It’s bloody embarrassing!

    So let’s both work hard at this! I’m starting my water intake right now to keep myself hydrated!

  6. Hi K, i’m loving your posts on your weight loss journey – such an inspiration that you are working out daily. I totally agree drinking water is essential for good health and I have found that when I think I’m peckish, I’m actually thirsty because the perceived hunger is gone after a couple of glasses of water. I like my water warm as well:)

  7. Hello from the UK! I’ve got loads of weight to lose myself and I started a low-carb eating plan and I’ve lost 12 pounds in a about 7 1/2 weeks. I’m going to start the gym next week as it feels like my body is going to fight me every step of the way! lol We can support each other xoxo

  8. Thank you so much for your comment! I’m sure you’ll get back to exercising once you feel better. Let’s keep each other motivated!

  9. Thanks so much for the encouragement! I don’t know how well I’m going to do this week (I’m traveling), but I’ll try!

  10. Thank you so much for the encouragement! I’m so happy to hear that you understand how I feel!!

  11. Thank you so much for your encouragement! Yes, warm water rocks!! I hope I can keep working out daily!!

  12. Hello from Asia! Thank you for your support. Wow, a low-carb diet!! Please let me know what kind of food you eat!

  13. I think this is such a great post! Drinking lots of water daily has always been very challenging for me. I’ll definitely try some of your tips! Btw I’m prob going to get Wii Fit soon too, hehe, so it’ll be like we’re both getting healthier together!

    Keep it up! You’re doing great! <3

  14. I hope you enjoy the Wii Fit as much as I do. Why not try it out at someone’s house first?

  15. I’m really late commenting, but I just want to tell you like everyone else, that you’re doing an AWESOME job!!!! I know it’s disappointing to see the scale go up, but it’s not at all surprising since you’re building muscle, which is faster, easier and a bigger priority for the body to do. Muscle tissue is metabolically expensive and so you need to stay active to keep it around, it really speeds up your metabolism since it burns more energy to help you gain less weight in the future. On the flip side, our bodies are evolutionarily predisposed to hold onto every last shred of fat we possibly can for energy stores, because fat is cheap, metabolically speaking, to keep around and is stored for times when food is scarce, so your body is much less willing to let go of it. But definitely keep it up!!!! You’re making great lifestyle changes that are going to improve your health overall, and I think that’s the most important thing. The weight loss is a bonus hahaha. I also agree with everyone else’s comments – since muscle weighs twice as much as fat, it’s TOTALLY very likely that you’re *are* losing fat, but it’s just being masked by the muscle gain, so maybe using a tape measure or a scale that has a body fat % reading will give you a better idea of how well you’re doing. But srsly, you’re doing AMAZING. Exercising everyday is a real challenge and I’m so proud of you!!!! 😀 😀 😀

    Also, absolutely LOVE the “Habit a Week” Challenge idea! I love the baby steps approach and I think it’ll be really helpful for me actually! I’m gonna have to spend some time tomorrow prioritizing what I want to change in my life so I can tackle them one by one. Everything is always so overwhelming all-together. Maybe I’ll do a habit every two weeks lol, since I’m slow ^^;;;;

    & I totally agree with the water thing! I have this problem in lab all the time because we’re not allowed to have food/drinks in the lab. Gotta be more mindful about it. ;_;

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  17. Maybe you gained weight because you gained muscles?

    I also don’t drink enough during the day because I don’t want to have to pee in class. 🙁 But I drink like a liter when I get home.

  18. Thank you so much for your kind comments! I really appreciate you taking time to comment. <3!

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