Weight Loss – Week 0

This is a personal post.  Please be sensitive.

When I came back home from Japan after my recent trip, my luggage was 15 kgs (more than 30 lbs) heavier.  The majority of the extra luggage was not food, cosmetics, or clothes.  It was a new Wii and a Wii Fit board.

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The reason I bought it was because I seriously, seriously want to lose weight.  And a Wii was how I thought I could do it.

Now, if you’ve met me in person, you may tell me that I’m not fat.  Thank you for your kind words, but the truth is that I am not happy with how I look.

I am tired of not being able to find clothes in Japan.  Most stores ONLY carry one size – medium, which is like a 2 in the US.  Of course you can find stores that sell more than one size, but if you want something cute/trendy/fashionable, you’d better fit into the Japanese cookie cutter size.  The rest of us are forced to skip the cute clothes and just try to find a clothing store where we can find something that fits. 

My BMI is above 25.  So yes, I am obese, at least by Japanese standards.  (In Japan, anything over a 25 gets you an “obese” rating on your annual health check.  I know it is “overweight” in the US)

– Speaking of my annual health check, I do not enjoy having to explain why I am fat to my doctor every year.

Being told “but she has a pretty face, if only…”constantly makes me sad.

– I don’t want to continue to gain weight.  I weighed myself recently, after being in denial.  I have gained 4 kgs since moving 4 months ago.  I don’t want this to continue.

There are two problems – that I eat too much, and that I don’t exercise.

I’m working on the exercise part first.  

My problem is that if I have to get ready to go exercise, I won’t do it.  There is a gym in my apartment building, but I have not headed out there.

Enter the Wii Fit.  I tried it at my friend’s house and I loved it.  I loved that I could do it at any time.  I loved that there were enough choices for me not to get bored.  And I loved that I could do it for as long or as short as I wanted.  

So far, this strategy has been working for me.  Right now, I’m forcing myself to pull out the Wii and exercise at least 30 minutes, every day.  It may not seem like much, but for someone who gets up at 5 AM and comes home at 9 PM on workdays, this is something which I can do!  And I’ve kept it up for 10 days.

I have several issues related to eating as well, but that is another post.

I don’t know how much of my journey I’ll continue to share.  I know writing on this blog will force me to keep it up, but I’m still uncomfortable. I also know that a lot of my readers are here to read my reviews (Lush reviews, anyone?), so this may be not what you are looking for.

A blog I need to mention here:  The person who has inspired me to lose weight is Allie from Wardrobe Oxygen.  I adore her blog and her sense of style.  I think this is the third time I’ve mentioned her blog – amazing, considering it is not a makeup blog!  Over the past year, she has blogged about her weight loss journey.  If she can do it with a full time job and a baby, I should be able to do it too!  Thank you, Allie, for showing me that anyone can do it!

What do you think?  Should I continue with these posts?  Please, please be kind in your comments.  This is something I am very uncomfortable with.

xoxo, K

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46 thoughts on “Weight Loss – Week 0”

  1. YES! Continue with these posts for sure. I am in the same situation whenever I go back to China. I am considered to be really fat even though I am normal here in North America. I can never find clothes to fit me when I’m in China (shoes too, but I can’t change that… =__=), and once when I was shopping with my aunt, some sales lady actually told me (this is when I JUST entered the store) “you are too fat, we have no clothes for you here” enter the WTF and the o___0 face.

    To be honest, I don’t think you ever need to justify WHY you want to lose weight. If you don’t feel good in your body, then you have the right to do whatever you want with it. That’s something I realized in the past few years because I’m always met with the dilemma of two cultures:
    1) In China, people actively tell me to lose weight, and then I get offended
    2) In Canada, I tell people I want to lose weight and they are all like “WHY?! You’re already so skinny!!!” etc etc.

    But I think the important thing is that you’re comfortable in your skin.

    I applaud you for actively doing something about something you’re not liking about yourself. I too think I am fat, but I am too lazy to exercise and I just plain enjoy good food.

    So after all that… yes please continue with the posts! Maybe it will inspire me to take more action <3

  2. I really could relate to this post, so I thank you for putting yourself out there and sharing with us what I can only assume many of us feel as well.

    I actually very similar feelings to yours. I have given up any hope of ever fitting into clothes here in Japan that aren’t from foreign chain shops, which I am ok with. But being considered fat and reminded of it at my annual health check is sad. I often want to tell the doctor or nurse “please tell me something I don’t already know!”

    I started doing hot yoga here and I really like it, I try to make myself go at least 3 days a week, but ideally I would like to go 6 if I had the time and the classes were matched with my schedule. I think its all about finding something that works for you. I have a wii and wii fit, but haven’t used in much recently.

    Food is definitely my weakness, I love good food.

    I look forward to your other posts on this, maybe we can motivate each other!

  3. Aww, I am so happy that I have inspired you! I think these posts would be great – I always love seeing the real, human side to a blogger and I find such posts inspiring!

    I also want to hear how the Wii works for you! 🙂

  4. You can do it!!!!

    I’m trying to lose weight at the moment as well and I know how you feel. I don’t look morbidly obese but my BMI is over 25 and I have this giant belly (which I hide very well) to proof it. 😛 People may say awww you look fine but at the end of the day its how you feel! Don’t need to explain yourself!

    I tried going the wii fit route but its placed in my living room and my fathers always around and I get embarrassed. Imaginary hula hooping for 3 minutes in front of my dad? No thanks 😛

    I’m currently going to the gym at lunch times, my motivation is so that I don’t walk around the shops and spend money. Win win really 😀 And I’ve already started to notice my shirts fitting better! YAY! I have Japan in June so heres hoping I can do some shopping! 😀

    So good luck on your journey too!!! Please keep posting!!!

    p.s Don’t forget that the wii is purely based on your weight, it doesn’t understand muscle weighs more then fat! So don’t feel down when you’re BMI isn’t going down! As long as you are feeling the results physically keep at it!!!


  5. I have the Wii system with and the Wii fit. However, I never ever use it. I think that I played with it once. I really do need to get it out again. Actually we stopped using the Wii when Hime chan chewed the thin wire for the sensor bar for the controllers. Fortunately the sensor bar was something replaceable and they even had a wireless one! Haven’t ever opened it up yet although it’s been almost a year.

    Yes, I’ll be one of those who will say that you are definitetly not fat and if you are considered obese by Japan standards then OMG! I’ll be considered practically sumo-sized! I do understand and I must say that Japanese standards of the ideal size is quite unreasonable. Not everyone’s body structure is the same so while being that ideal size medium is okay on some, it might be way too thin for others or even on the fat side for others.

    I would love to continue reading your progress here. It might inspire me to actually set the Wii up again. I also think that if you post here, it might be more of a motivating factor. I think that you are doing an awesome job especially since you do work such long hours. Whatever your end result ends up to be, I think that you are fine the way you are.

  6. Good luck! It’s absolutely possible to lose weight using a wii fit. I love the hula hoop (serious calorie burner, lol) and using the “wii fit plus routines” section to put together a strength training and yoga routine can be a really good workout, too. Lots of women avoid strength training, but it’s great for toning and muscle makes your body burn more calories :).

  7. I must say I do not think you are overweight, but I do understand that everyone has a certain way that they would like to look. I am currently trying my best to eat better, because that seems to be all I have time to do right now.

    Please continue posting about this!! I have been thinking about getting the X-box Kinect so I can work out at home too.


  8. Good luck hun! I know you can do it. I am also on my journey to lose weight, I have just started a new exercise routine recently that will last 90 days, I am very proud of myself that I have kept up with it so far and I really hope I will for the rest of the time until 90 day is up. Let’s keep each other motivated on Twitter!!! And when we meet each other up in the summer, we’ll both look great! yea? yay! hehe <3

  9. Like Sheila I am forever faced with the dilemma of East v. West aesthetic values.
    I am declaring this the year of getting fit! We can go through this journey together!
    Please let us know your progression!

  10. you’re brave to post something personal but really don’t feel bad about it. no one is perfect and we shouldn’t judge people by how they look. if you set your mind on it, you can do it. btw, i love wii fit too!

  11. Thank you so much for your sweet comment!

    The pressure on women’s body image is so much higher in Asia. I want to go with it, though, since I live here. It sucks to have to feel bad about yourself every time I go out shopping.

    Thank you for your encouragement!

  12. I know food is going to be much harder for me. Healthy choices are so limited here. That’s one of the reasons I really want to take it one step at a time, and I’ve prioritized getting off of my lazy bum!

  13. Oh YES you can do it!!! 🙂 I am so with you on wanting to try cute and trendy clothes whenever I travel to other asian countries (esp. HKG) but they only have one, puny size, so i don’t even bother looking anymore unless it looks super stretchy or loose HAHAHA 😉

    I have also started my journey to lose some unwanted pounds in January. I do stretching and run 3k on the treadmill during weekends but I know its not enough so I control my food intake as well, first thing I had to control was RICE (from 3 cups a day to 1/2 cup per day) and junk food. but I dont starve myself, i just try to eat better, healthier alternatives to what I usually snack on. Seeing your body look and your clothes fit better will keep you motivated for sure 🙂

    BIG HUGS to you Kay! We can do this! ^_^

  14. Thank you for your encouragement! I think the turning point was the post you did about Emerson’s birthday. The difference between now and last year was amazing! I hope I can look so good a year from now!

  15. Thank you for the encouragement and support! I understand that you have to find what works for you. Gyms didn’t work for me, although I’m hoping that once I get back in the habit of exercising, I’ll make it to my gym. I used to work out 2-3 times a week, and I loved how it toned my muscles!

  16. Kat, you’re TINY! And considering how much you walk around, I don’t think you’re lacking exercise!

    Thank you for the encouragement. I really want to start feeling better about myself. I like the way I feel after I’ve exercised, and I like getting sore muscles again! Hopefully, in 6 months or so, I’ll like the way I look!

  17. The hula hoop is fun! I actually really like the bike riding. I didn’t think I would (it’s just walking in place, really), but finding all the flags has been challenging and fun! The bike ride around the island is a 15 minute exercise that goes by so quickly for me. I’m also doing 3 sets of strength training and 3 sets of yoga. I LOVE yoga and I missed it so much!

  18. Thank you so much for the encouragement!

    I’m going to try to do weekly posts. Hopefully it will help motivate me!

  19. Thank you so much for the support! Yes, let’s help keep each other motivated. I’m so excited that I’ll be able to meet you this summer!

  20. Hehe. And next time you feel bad about yourself, just remember that, if I were to walk around in Japan, I would make people run away screaming “GOJIRA GOJIRA!!”, not you. 😛 /end lame stereotype joke.

  21. Thank you so much for your support. I think I’m trying to motivate myself by posting about it. Now, people will ask me how I’m doing!

  22. Wow, thank you for the support! It’s really, really depressing not to be able to find clothes in your size. I used to buy lots of clothes when I traveled to the US, but recently I’ve realized that the current fashions in the US are just not my style. I want to be able to buy clothes based on what I want to wear, not what I CAN wear!

    Food intake is another area I need to work on, but I know I can’t do everything at once. I’ve tried, and it doesn’t work for me. I get massive cravings if I deprive myself, so I’m sticking with exercise for now. Actually, a post about food is coming up!

    Thanks again for your love, and let’s continue to support each other!!

  23. High five!!! i have been trying to tone myself and have chuck the weighing machine aside as every time i see the numbers i get depress..same here most girls seems to be super petite while i’m not plus size(a size M) but most of the “in” clothes sold in spore and not very suitable for me =.=..have been wanting to get a wii fit as i love playing it at my cousin house, love the yoga section too! keep it up i’m sure there will be results!!! have been doing some excising of my own with going to the gym frequently and sauna(need to keep up with the routine!) do continue with your results!! we can do it!

  24. Good Luck!! Wii is a fun way to exercise! I’ve been going to hot yoga to try to lose weight as well. Sweating is a really good way to burn calories. Do you ever go to the saunas or onsens in japan? it’s a great way to detoxify your body. I really HATE going to the gym especially the treadmill ugh so I usually join group exercise classes to help be more motivated haha. I thinking of of getting the Wii now hehe. Best of luck to you!

  25. Good luck, sweetie! I know you can do it and I’d love to hear how you are doing or improving! We can all give you motivation and encouragement.

    I’ve been trying to excerise lately too! I’m not really aiming to lose weight, but more to tone my body especially my thighs =.= We can all work together! ♥

  26. It seems like a lot of girls are in your shoes. I’m of small stature in the US, and I’m not big at all, but I’ve noticed flab in several uncomfortable places. Whenever I shop here, I reach for size 2, size 4. But when I’m in China, they go “Oh, you, you have large hips and a large stomach, I’ll see if a large fits you.” Often times, it doesn’t. People are shocked here, of course, but my family think I’m fat.

    More importantly, I want to be healthy. My family has a lot of medical issues associated with weight and lack of exercise.

    I totally encourage you to write about this topic. I’m starting some type of exercise regime too (like you, quite literally just started) and I haven’t posted about it at all. I’m too scared of failure. What if I stop? What if I don’t lose any weight? Maybe reading your entries will make me brave enough to post!

    Since we both just started, please feel free to leave a comment on my blog and we can motivate each other through email or something.


    Good luck.

  27. Hey K, I have the same wii as you..but i am too lazy to use it. i hope it works for you. I agree exercise is the best way for weight loss as well as a more controlled and healthy diet. For me I am lacking excising too but I walk as much as possible. I have also cut down on snacking a lot. If you are craving – drink! Apparently we eat because we are actually thirsty! ganbatte and good luck:)

  28. I love Wii Fit! Been meaning to get one myself. I love you just the way you are! But of course, I want you to be happy too! It’s great that you’re making time out of your very busy schedule to exercise. We all should be conscious about eating healthier and getting enough exercise, I am working on that too (Flexitarian, woot woot). Please keep doing these posts!! <3

    And I hope you do come to Cali or we both go to NY so we can go shopping together!! kekeke

  29. Hello Kay!!! I just want to let you know, we will be your cheerers! You can do it!! I’ll be cheering in the side for you :3 I know what you feel. In here (in the US), I don’t feel fat at all, when I say “ah I feel fat coz I don’t exercise & my belly is too big for my size” my friends/co workers laugh at me because they say I do not look fat, but I feel not proportioned. When I went back to the Philippines, that’s when my family said I had gained weight >_< so I’ve been complaining but not really doing anything & I’m so proud of you for doing this! Keep us updated! It’s really inspirational 🙂

  30. Thank you for your encouragement! It’s great to know I’m not the only one working on keeping healthy!

  31. Like most Japanese people, I love bathing! I like to sit in the tub until I sweat. Japanese baths are temperature controlled, plus we wash our bodies outside of the tub. I can just use the tub to relax and soak my body.

    Thank you for the encouragement!

  32. Thanks for the encouragement!!! It really helps a lot to know that so many people care about me!!

  33. Wow, thank you for commenting. I’m on twitter, so feel free to hit me up there! Encouragement is so important for staying motivated!

  34. You have NO reason to need to lose weight! You’re asian sized!! But thank you for the encouragement. I lost 8 kgs when I moved back to Japan from an assignment in China. It’s so much easier to eat healthy foods and to stay active through walking!

  35. Yes yes, I would LOVE to go shopping with you! It’s hard to make time to exercise, but it’s worth it!

  36. Iyah, thank you so much for your encouragement! It means a lot to me that you’re cheering for me. It seems a lot of girls feel fat when they are in Asia. Living in Asia, I want to be able to fit in!! Hope it works!

  37. Go ahead and write what makes you happy, I like all your posts 🙂

    And I applaud you for such great determination to lose weight. Hope you’ll achieve your target soon (and i want a Wii Fit too!) 😀

  38. Hi there,

    Glad that you shared. I can also relate to you about this issue.
    I have also been trying to lose weight and unsuccessfully.

    People around me tells me that I am not fat and I do not need to lose weight but they seem to no understand the issue from your personal point of view. Back home, when I was in my home country I had really hard time finding nice clothes that could actually fit me and that people will not look at me saying “Hey, she better not wear that.. Uglyyyy”….

    There are days that I think I am fit but most of the time NOT.
    I am not a gym person as well, so I do not exercise at all.

    Recently, I was told by my sister that if I want to loose weight by doing something that I would enjoy, she advised me to try: Zumba and/or swimming. I am thinking of giving it a try eventhough I hardly have time to do so,when you work full time and then have other classes to attend in the evening.

    However, remember that there are people who are on the same journey as you and best of luck dear!

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