Weekly Reads #2: Feb 13, 2011

Many of you seemed to enjoy my “Weekly Reads” post last week, so here’s another one!  It was fun to go through blog posts thinking about whether I wanted to put them in this list.  It’s a different mindset from when I’m just reading blogs.  I’ve tried to put a mix of famous bloggers and my friends.

Hope you enjoyed this!

xoxo, K

PS: I’m thinking of moving these posts to Wednesday since many bloggers do them on the weekends.  Your thoughts?

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2 thoughts on “Weekly Reads #2: Feb 13, 2011”

  1. Thank you for including us in your list this week!

    As for the I LUV BBW club, I’d join for you but we don’t have BBW here in Hawaii but supposedly one is scheduled to open up next month. I haven’t heard anything more so I don’t know if it’s been delayed or not.

  2. I really enjoyed your review of the Clinique mascara. Do you think it’s the wand or the formula itself that’s good?

    The I LUV BBW campaign is supposed to launch in May! I wish there was a BBW when I went to Hawaii!!!

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