Review: Maybelline Expert Wear Eye Shadow 8 Pan in Sunbaked Neutrals

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This is a quick review for the Maybelline Expert Wear Eye Shadow 8 Pan in Sunbaked Neutrals.  I picked up this palette in Hawaii.

This is not a new product.  I picked it up because I wanted a palette with a lot of choices, and was still very compact.


The top 4 colors.
The bottom 4 colors.
For reference, I’m NC25.
Price: will vary. lists the price as $6.49

– Contains 8 everyday colors
– All the colors pretty much go together
– Has both matte and shimmer colors
– The pigmentation is pretty good, especially the shimmer shades
– Each pot of color is small, about the size of a penny.  The entire palette does not take up a lot of space.
(This may be a pro or a con, depending on how you think.  I like it because it takes me forever to use up a pan of eyeshadow anyway)

– The matte colors are not as creamy as the shimmer shades.  (This tends to be the case with drugstore makeup)
– The shadows are not quite as good quality as some of the other Maybelline products, such as the Expert Wear quads.
– The shadows blend away very easily. I like to wear a sticky base under them.
Would I repurchase?: no, since I never use up eyeshadows. But I would recommend this product to other people!
All in all, I really do like this palette, and I like that it’s small.  I wish other drugstore palettes came in this size!

xoxo, K

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18 thoughts on “Review: Maybelline Expert Wear Eye Shadow 8 Pan in Sunbaked Neutrals”

  1. From the top row, that green color swatched is really pretty! It’s really difficult to use up eyeshadows, isn’t it? I’m finding that more so now since I have branched out into other brands and colors. I used to use only MAC and only certain colors all of the time so I was hitting pan and replenishing. Not anymore! It makes me wonder if I’ll ever hit pan again.

    Great review!

  2. I see this yesterday and thought to myself – that those gold/bronze shade looks so pretty – really good for summer.

  3. I’ve only finished 2 single e/s before. That was many many years ago [before I discover blogger hehe].This is a very nice palette with lots of combination of shades. I love to carry a small compact to travel so, i can have more luggage space to haul lol Thanks for your review! I’ll definitely check it out when i go to the store next time.

  4. the shimmer shadows are pretty, esp shimmery green and bronze. And I agree about the matte colors with Maybelline 😛 so chalky…. but I like Maybelline Quad palettes ^_^

  5. I think the only time I’ve hit pan on an eyeshadow is when I intensively used it, as in like, every day. It still took me nearly a year!

  6. While I would love to carry around my MAC 15-pan palette, I simply don’t have that kind of room in my luggage!

  7. I really like the pretty and shimmery dark shade! Love the size of the e/s since i never finish a single it seems 😛

  8. i’ve been looking at getting one or two but i’m glad i saw your review first, haha! makes me want to get the wet n’ wild palettes before this 🙂 let me know if you want me to pick you up a WnW palette or two! when i send you those earrings! or if you want something from my blogsale as well (;

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