Up and Down #10 / A Piece of Me… in January 2011

Happy New Year again to everyone!  I hope that 2011 will be an exciting and fulfilling year for you.

Here are my Ups & Downs for this month!

Yes, the Japanese magazine Ageha has influenced me.  Like some other girls in Japan, I’m using Mezaik to adjust the width of my double eyelid to make it more attractive!

My Beauty Diary masks (and getting ready to do a massive review of them)

FINALLY getting an apartment after 2.5 months of living in a hotel!!

Finding a Japanese restaurant that served Ozoni on New Year’s Day. Ozoni is a type of soup eaten in Japan on New Year’s Day.  The contents of the soup, the type of broth, etc vary widely between regions.  My New Year wouldn’t be complete without it!  (I don’t miss osechi, though)

 a certain travel brush set, that I used on my trip to Hawaii & Hong Kong.  A review is coming up.

not going home for the holidays. 

It’s time for A Piece of Me in January 2011.
This month…

I like: my iPhone. I keep finding great apps!  Which ones do you like?

I don’t like: that I’ve almost run out of foundation.  What am I going to use next?  Should I buy some more VOV Watershot foundation from Gmarket since I like it so much?
I want you to know: that I’m trying to finish reviewing all of my holiday soaps and shower gels that I got in Hawaii.  I’m sorry that they are late!

I’ve planned:  to try to settle down, after all the traveling I’ve been doing

What are you planning for January?
xoxo, K

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8 thoughts on “Up and Down #10 / A Piece of Me… in January 2011”

  1. Double eyelid tape sounds interesting!! But I’m concerned if it will look obvious and if you can still apply eyeshadow??

    And I can’t wait to see all your upcoming reviews!!! My Beauty Diary!! XD

  2. Happy New Year Kay! So glad you found an apartment!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 Have you moved in already? Do send me your address when you’re settled and everything! 😀 😀 😀

    & hm, as far as foundation, I think if it’s not *that* hard to get and it’s not broke don’t try to fix it. Trying to find a new foundation is not that fun, imo, lol.

  3. Isn’t the mezaik amazing?! It’s my “can’t live without” item (or at least one of them). MBD masks are awesome too. I’m so happy that I discovered them by reading various blog posts. So happy that you finally got your apartment. I hope that your moving in goes smoothly.

    I didn’t make ozoni this year and now I’m kind of regretting it. I made clam chowder instead–not the same! Egads! I didn’t even to koshi-toshi soba. I really, really slacked this year.


  4. you need to whatsapp me! hahhaa. WOMAN!

    i tried using mezaik for awhile then i got lazy.. mm.. maybe i should try it again, haha. seemed to work for a little bit and now when i apply eyeshadow (layer on layer) it gives me a double fold for a little bit :3

    yay for an apartment!! i stayed in a hotel for a week and it wasn’t that good/bad but.. you know. who knows what i would be saying after 2.5 months!

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