Review: Lush Turkish Delight Body Polish

This is a review of the Lush Turkish Delight Body Polish.  This was part of my haul in London.

This product is called バラの宮殿 (Bara no Kyuuden, “Palace of Roses”) in Japan.

What it does:
Butter yourself up with our delightfully rosy body polish. Each pot is made with our new soap-base, packed with aphrodisiac jasmine and Turkish rose, smoothing almond oil, moisturizing cocoa butter and neroli, the euphoric essential oil. (from

How to use:
Rub it into your skin in the shower after washing your body, and rinse

Price: 15 GBP/200g (UK), $29.95/7 oz (US), 2980 JPY/200g (Japan)
This translates to $0.12/g (UK), $0.15/g (US), $0.18/g (Japan).  I felt that this product was very expensive versus anything else that Lush has.  I can’t remember any products at Lush which cost over $30.

– smells like real roses.  This product contains Rose Absolute, an essential oil.  Lush says it takes 1000 rose petals to obtain one drop of Rose Absolute.
– made my skin feel smooth

– expensive.  Lush only sells this in the 7oz size pot.  I wish they would sell this in smaller containers!
– Not very moisturizing
– the texture was a little bit hard, similar to cold butter.  I had to work it between my hands to be able to rub it on my body, but it is too soft to be rubbed on your body in a bar form.

Would I repurchase? no

I was really confused on what this product was supposed to do.  It is slightly like a soap, and it needs to be rinsed off.  It is supposed to moisturize my skin, but I still needed to use a moisturizer and I did not feel that my skin was moisturized after rinsing it off.  My skin felt slightly smoother, but I can get a better effect from a exfoliator and a separate moisturizer.

Hope you enjoyed this review!

xoxo, K

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8 thoughts on “Review: Lush Turkish Delight Body Polish”

  1. The concept of it sounds nice but I guess that it didn’t really come through like it was supposed to. At that price, I wouldn’t try it, especially after reading your review. Thanks K!

  2. I really wasn’t sure what it was supposed to do! It’s a shame though, since it had such a nice scent.

  3. this product sounds very interesting.. too bad it didn’t work! thanks for the review 🙂

  4. I haven’t read many reviews on it. Lush Japan is now selling a trial size of it as well!

  5. ooo, sounds like one i can skip, thanks for the review 😀 sounds like it’s supposed to be a body polisher but… then again, it doesn’t sound like it did an amazing job.

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