Review: Lush Snowcake soap

This is a review for the Lush (@Lushltd) Snowcake Soap.  This was a gift from Mona. This is a limited edition product and may no longer be available in your area.  Snowcake is typically repromoted every winter.

Update: this product is being rereleased for the 2011 & 2012 holiday season!

This product is called “Snowcake” in Japan.  Oh wow, this is the first time a product has the same name in Japan as in the UK! (click the links to my reviews on products which are named TOTALLY differently in Japan)

What it does:
For the softest, creamiest, most luxurious suds imaginable, grab a great big slice of Snowcake and float away on a cloud of almond marzipan and rose absolute. Snowcake smells exactly like our Smitten hand cream, and is an all time holiday favourite among staff and customers alike. It softens and cleans your body and scents it with a long-lasting almond fragrance.

Price: 2.60 GBP/100g in the UK, 6.95 USD/3.5 oz in the US, 650 JPY/100g in Japan.

Update: the updated prices for the 2011 holiday season are 2.95 GBP/100g in the UK and $7.95/3.3 oz in the US

Scent: it really does smell like almond marzipan and rose absolute, as Lush says.   I haven’t tried Smitten hand cream, so I cannot do a comparison to that.

– Good lather
– Not harsh, and cleans well
– I personally enjoy the smell during the winter

– I’m not quite sure why people love this product so much that they hoard it.  I personally like the Honey I Washed the Kids soap better, which is a permanent product.

Would I repurchase? maybe.  I liked it enough that I would probably pick up a bar next holiday season, but I wouldn’t buy it repeatedly if it were a permanent product.

I have reviewed this item, even though it is no longer available on Lush’s website, because they may be repromoted in the future. 

 xoxo, K

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13 thoughts on “Review: Lush Snowcake soap”

  1. i’ve never tried lush! lol i walked into a store in NY once and they seemed pissed off when i wasn’t interested in this bubble bath that they were forcing me to look at.. bad customer service for my first time and i haven’t gone back since..

  2. I haven’t been to Lush in forever! I need to see if they have some of their valentine’s day items in! 🙂

    I’m shade 007-008 in revlon photoready. I’m kind of dark. haha. 🙂

  3. I’m loving all of your Lush reviews. Thanks for doing them.

    I like your new layout! How do you like this new comment system?


  4. Wow, I’m sorry to hear that. I’ve had great customer service most of the times I’ve been to Lush. I’ve had a few weird people who wanted to force things on me, but they stepped back once I told them I wanted to browse by myself.

  5. Thanks! I have a bunch of the holiday reviews coming up for the rest of this month. I feel so bad that they are late, but I really couldn’t do them while I was still living in a hotel!

    I like that I can comment back to people on Disqus. It’s a little confusing, though!

  6. I gotta say that I love this soap. Looking at the holiday collection… if I hoarded anything, it’d be this. Or angel’s delight.

  7. I totally agree with you! I tried this a while ago and it did not have any smell at all! Bad bad for being LUSH!!!
    Love from a new follower,

  8. Thanks for following me!
    I was really surprised that this didn’t smell very strongly. I’ll try it again next winter!

  9. Thanks so much for this review….I went to Lush last week and saw this on the shelf and I super love the smell..but didn’t get it yet because I’m not quite sure how the products work…but after seeing your review…I might get my hands on this…I really enjoy reading your blog because there are a lot of LUSH products which I’m quite interested and would like to try…thanks for sharing lots of LUSH reviews…Its very helpful for me..~^_^~

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