Review: Lush Snow Globe Soap

This is a review for the Lush (@lushltd) Snow Globe Soap.  This is a limited edition product for the holidays and may no longer be available near you.  This product is called “スノードーム” (Snow Dome)  in Japan.

Update: this product is being rereleased for the 2011 & 2012 holiday season!

This is half of the piece of soap I bought.


What it does:
When Mark and Mo went to look for Christmas inspiration, they chanced upon a giant snowglobe in the middle of Hyde Park that you could climb inside and be part of a festive scene! Mo was instantly convinced she needed to make an equally spectacular frosty globe of soap, with a refreshing lemon myrtle and grapefruit scent to lift your spirits on a cold dark day. The whole cake looks a beautifully serene snow globe with dots of white ‘snow’ throughout. It’s a loving nod to a more traditional Christmas this year.
Avobath? Avowash.

Although this is a refreshing citrus soap, it has a different blend of sharper citrus oils to give you an invigorating wash morning or night. We’ve used organic lemon myrtle for a fresh, slightly herbal citrus note, and lemongrass to complement the fragrance. This soap goes perfectly in a bath cocktail with Uluru, Avobath or You’ve Been Mangoed to shake the cobwebs off your tired brain.

$5.95/3.3 oz in the US, 1.95GBP/100g in the UK, and 650JPY/100g in Japan

Update: the updated prices for the 2011 holiday season are $7.95/3.3 oz in the US, 2.50 GBP/100g in the UK. The price is still 650JPY/100g in Japan, but remember that the JPY is much stronger now.

Scent: VERY citrus-y.  The lemongrass scents seemed the strongest.  This herbal scent helps the soap from smelling like kitchen cleanser.

– I really liked this scent. It would be great for a morning shower, and I also enjoyed it in the evening.
– Like all the Lush soaps I have tried so far, it has a good lather and does not dry out my skin.

– unfortunately, I do not know what the white part is like since my piece didn’t include any white bits
– I’m not clear on why Lush considers this to be a winter scent.  It really reminds me of summer!

Would I repurchase?: Yes!  I liked the scent a lot.  I wish Lush would also release this in the summer!

Hope that helped!

xoxo, K

I have reviewed this item, even though it is no longer available on Lush’s website, because they may be repromoted in the future. 

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3 thoughts on “Review: Lush Snow Globe Soap”

  1. mm, citrus! sounds like it WOULD be a really good morning shower scent (: what a pretty soap! i wonder why there are white bits only in certain parts and not in the whole block (i mean, i’m sure it sinks to the bottom, but still. why wouldn’t they try to make it more uniform?)

  2. IDK, maybe the white parts are only in a certain part of the soap? I liked the blue-green part, so I’m not complaining! In fact, I wish this were permanent!

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