Hong Kong food

I absolutely LOVE Cantonese food, so I had a great time eating in Hong Kong.  The best part is that most of the food I want to eat is SUPER cheap!

Wonton Noodles
The first thing I ate in Hong Kong. LOVE THEM.  They were about 25 HKD (about $3.25)
Curry Fish Balls
A very common street food.  These had daikon and a lot of other ingredients.


Ci Faan
Sticky rice wrapped around fried dough, meat floss, and zhacai
This is the first time I had this.  I LOVED it!
This bowl was HUGE.  It was the same size as my wonton noodles!
I’m more used to having a smaller serving of congee!
Rice Noodle Rolls
I love these!
Random dumplings that I had for breakfast
These were surprisingly tasty!
Shrimp with bean curd skin
I also bought a few things while in Hong Kong.  In case you’ve never been to Hong Kong, there are drugstores on every single street block!
32 pack of My Beauty Diary masks
I debated buying this for the longest time!  This is a limited edition set only available around this time of year.  However, the masks included are permanent and can be bought separately.  This contains two each of the following masks: Collagen Firming, Sake Yeast, Red Vine, Bird’s Nest, Cooling Mask, Apple Polyphenol, Southern France Apricot, Aloe, Pearl Powder, Bulgarian White Rose, Black Pearl, Natto, Mixed Berries, Strawberry Yogurt, Q10, Strawberry Cherry Blossom
I also picked up this at the drugstore:
AB Mezical Fiber

This product is similar to Mezaik and is used to make double eyelids.  I have double eyelids, but I wanted to adjust the width.  A lot of girls in Japan now do this.

I also picked up a few things at the duty free.

Clinique Clarifying Moisture Lotion 3

I have been using the toner from the 3-step skin care, in addition to the moisturizing toners I use.  I decided to try this toner to see the difference with the regular 3-step toner.
This toner is over $75 in Japan, although it is just $20 in the US for the same size.

Clinique Three Little Soaps

This is also part of their 3-step skin care. I now probably have enough soaps for the next 2 years!

MAC MSF Natural Medium Plus

This is a little dark on me, but the Medium was too pink, so I decided to try this.

Let me know if you want reviews!

xoxo, K

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17 thoughts on “Hong Kong food”

  1. OMG FOOOOD. I’m so hungry right now =(

    Wonton soup noodles was also the first thing I ate in HK, paired with HK milk tea <3

  2. Omg wonton noodles look soooo gooood and I don’t even eat pork!
    Have you tried the fried chinese doughnuts that come with congee? They’re called “Yao Tiu” sooo gooood!
    And egg tarts!don’t forget egg tarts!!! *slobbers*

  3. I loved going to HK, mainly because of all the food haha. I remember on my trip there we would eat every chance we got and had seafood every night for dinner because everything was so cheap. I definitely gained a few pounds after that one trip there lol

  4. FOOD PORN!!! it looks so great Kay!! =)

    and thank you for the birthday greetings!! 😀 No, you don’t have to say sorry that you can’t send me bday gift, you silly!! 😛 Your friendship and greetings are more than enough. Thank you for being so thoughtful *hugs* :))

  5. hey hun,

    food looks yum!
    can’t wait for the reviews on those masks. ive been wanting some too. do you know where i can get some?

  6. they all look soo delicious. i’m more interested in the food then i am the purchases, they look soo tasty *_* i miss hong kong food >.<

  7. yay for med’natural! i think i had one but decided to blogsale it hahah. ah, well. let me know how that works for you 🙂 regardless of the shade being slightly too dark for you.

    the food looks delish!! the wonton noodles and all sorts of dumplings.. mm..

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