Up and Down #9 / A Piece of Me… in December 2010

– Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy
It makes my eyeshadows much more vibrant, and is great for loose eyeshadows!

– Uniqlo Heat Tech
It has dropped below freezing here, and I really love my Heat Tech camis and leggings!!!

– Trip to Hawaii!!!!!

– Trip to Hong Kong! (although this is work related)

– Traveling directly from one country to the next. 

This month…

I like: that I’m in Hawaii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Woot woot!!

I don’t like: that it’s REALLY REALLY cold in China now.  Dude, it’s COLD.

I want you to know: that I really appreciate all the love packages I received.  I really thought that this holiday season would suck, since I don’t even have an address.  THANK YOU SO MUCH!

I’ve planned: to hit you all back once I’ve settled down!  I hope that’s soon… (I still live in a hotel…)

xoxo, K

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9 thoughts on “Up and Down #9 / A Piece of Me… in December 2010”

  1. Have fun in Hawaii!! (I almost typed Kawaii, lol)
    Do show us some photos of your trip and haul 😉

    Hope you’ll be able to find a place to live at in China. And let me know your address when that happens 😉

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