Quick update: Nagoya, Japan

Recently, I spent half a day in Nagoya, Japan.  I needed to catch a flight from Nagoya, so I didn’t have much time to look around.  Here’s a few quick pictures I took.

Nana-chan, from Nagoya Station

Nana-chan is a huge mannequin located outside of a department store in Nagoya.  It is a popular meeting spot.  Nana-chan is 6 meters (nearly 20 feet) tall.

Here, Nana-chan is wearing a sparkly dress commemorating both Christmas and the Tokyo Girls fashion show in Nagoya.  Nana-chan’s clothes change often, for holidays, for different causes, or even to root for the local baseball team.  Nana-chan’s past clothes can be viewed here.
Nagoya has a lot of famous foods as well.  This is Miso Nikomi Udon (Udon stewed in miso).  The udon is very thick and chewy compared to normal udon.

Tebasaki (chicken wings) are also very famous.  They are typically cooked with a spicy-sweet sauce.

I flew Japan Airlines on the way to China, and I was surprised that the food was pretty good.  It was a typical bento.  I wasn’t so lucky on the way back, though!

The cup holds some miso soup, and the bamboo pouch has some yukari-ume rice.

Hopefully, I’ll get to do some more things other than eat next time I’m in Nagoya!

xoxo, K

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13 thoughts on “Quick update: Nagoya, Japan”

  1. ****nom nom nom***** Be a dear and pass me some Tebasaki please? lol


    Thank you for sharing.

  2. Nana chan’s wardrobe must cost a ton since she’s not your normal-sized girl. I think that it’s funny tht she has an array of different wardrobe.

    The tebasaki looks so yummy. I love spicy!


  3. hey K! sorry i didnt reply to your other msg.. i thought i did but i must have forgotten. youre back in china now? Oh the tebasaki looks really nice.. shame that stuff gives me pimples >_<
    I dont have plans to do anything on chinese new year.. so probably in Tokyo. How about you? I hope youre doing well!

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