My Clarisonic

A little while ago, someone helped me buy a Clarisonic!  This is the Clarisonic Classic.

I must be a strange girl… I don’t like light colored electronic appliances…

My Clarisonic came with some Gift With Purchases – two cleansers and a serum!

Since moving to China, I’ve been very sensitive about the amount of pollution in the air.  At the same time, it is much drier, colder, and windier here.  I’ve been using my Clarisonic only in the evening, and only once every 2-3 days.  It has still been working for me.

However, I haven’t seen any brown dirt coming onto the brush like I’ve seen in some blog posts.  Hopefully, this means that my makeup remover has been removing my makeup properly!

I haven’t used the cleansers yet.  I’ll let you know how they work out!

The Clarisonic Classic is $195, and is available on and  The full size cleansers (6 oz) are $25, and the full size serum (1 oz) is $75.  The GWPs shown above contained 1 oz cleansers and 0.5 oz cleansers. 

Thank you again to the dear friend who helped me purchase this!

Do you have a Clarisonic?  How often do you use it?

xoxo, K

PS: I’m still in Hawaii!  I hope I can make a post soon!!

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13 thoughts on “My Clarisonic”

  1. I’m seeing everyone own this now! But it’s a little out of my budget. Maybe after I find a job, I’ll get this =P

    Have fun in Hawaii!!

  2. I”d try this if they sell it here, haha! Hopefully some Japanese companies will borrow this idea and make something similar LOL

    enjoy Hawaii and can’t wait to see you on Mon <3!

  3. yayyy i’m glad someone was so kind to help you get one and now you finally could try it out 🙂 i really like this color combination, so simple and classic. have fun in hawaii hun! are you getting tanned yet? :p

  4. I love my Clarisonic and so does Mai! In fact, she was the one who enabled me. I think that I used the cleanser that came with it only once and that was because I was out of my regular cleanser. It worked nicely too.

    It’s finally going to be Thursday! I’ll see you in 10 hours!


  5. i don’t really like light colored electronics either.. unless it’s pure white.. but then again, i don’t know. hahaha 🙂 i’m glad the clarisonic works for you, and yea i think your cleanser is just awesome if it’s not coming off dirty. then again, i don’t have/use the clarisonic SO.. just a guess.. 🙂

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