Haul from Hawaii!

In case you are wondering, I did not do a whole lot of sightseeing in Hawaii.  I’ve been to Oahu 4-5 times, so I usually spend my time diving and surfing.

Yes, I hauled quite a lot in Hawaii. I did a lot more damage in New York and in London, but I still got some holiday stuff!

Stila One Step Corrector
I heard about this primer from a few other blogs.  It combines a normal facial primer with different color correctors.

Philosophy the Gingerbread House set $20
This is a limited edition set for the holidays.  Isn’t the outside packaging cute?
There were two different products inside.
The Gingerbread Man Foaming Bubble Bath & Shower Gel
The Gingerbread Girl Foaming Bubble Bath & Shower Gel
Staying with the gingerbread theme, I also picked up this product from Lush.
Lush Gingerbread House Bubble Bar
($6.25 US, 2.45 GBP UK, Ginger Cookie House in Japan, 700 JPY)
As well as some other Lush holiday products…
Glogg bodywash
($8.95, 3.90 GBP, 900 JPY)

Angels Delight soap
($5.95/3.5 oz US, 2.35 GBP/100g UK,  650JPY/100g JP, called Tenjo no Orchestra)

The entire block of soap looks like the picture below.  Smaller chunks are cut from this huge block.

(from Lush.com)

Snow Globe Soap
($5.95/3.5 oz US, 1.95 GBP/100g UK, 650 JPY/100g JP called Snow Dome)
Again, the block looks like this.
I also got some other random stuff…

Maybelline the Colossal Volumin’ Express Mascara
Maybelline Expert Wear Eyeshadow 8 pan in Sunbaked Neutrals

Clarisonic Delicate Brush
This is much softer than the Sensitive Brush.  I think I like this one better!

L’Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes
 St. Ives Green Tea Scrub

I’m looking forward to trying out these products!

xoxo, K
PS: I mentioned the price of some of the holiday items to keep track when I do a review, since I’m expecting that these will disappear from each brand’s websites soon!
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14 thoughts on “Haul from Hawaii!”

  1. the soaps look so cute!! ooh the Stila one looks great! cant wait for the review! hehe might haul on it too! XD looking for a nice primer a long time ago~

  2. excited for the Philosophy set. haha, the diving pic is so cool! Can you do a review for St Ives scrub after you use it some time?

    thank you 🙂

    Merry X’mas

  3. The Lush soaps are really nice looking! I think that I’ll need to go to Lush after the holidays to check it out again.

    I hope that the One Step Corrector works for you.

    Love your diving picture!


  4. Ooh! Nice haul!! They all look so interesting!! And from reading this, I think I can almost smell some gingerbread!! ^_^

    I have that Green Tea scrub too! But I haven’t tried it yet. I used the cleanser and I quite like it =)

  5. oo nice haul 😀 You’re tempting me to go to Lush! And that’s saying something because I find the scent of their stores over powering x_X I’m most curious about the Stila color correcter (does it actually work?) and the Maybelline palette (how’s the pigmentation?) I wish I’d known about hte Philosophy set earlier, it’d make such a nice gift!

  6. awesome haul! yay for so many new lush goodies too. glad you had a relaxing time in hawaii! can’t wait to hear about your thoughts on the stila primer/corrector thingy.

  7. oh i almost sent you that neutrals palette, haha! but i wasn’t sure if you’d like it or not. but here you go, buying it 😛 looks like a fun haul! do you have more pics from your diving experiences? i’d love to read a blogpost about that 🙂

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