Beauty Blogs Backstage: Lipstick and Luxury

It’s time for Beauty Blogs Backstage again!  This month, I interviewed Nicole of Lipstick and Luxury.

1. What is on your holiday wish list this year, in terms of beauty products?
There are two makeup lines that I’ve had my eye on: Dolce & Gabbana and Guerlain. From Dolce and Gabanna I’d love to try the Sicilian Lace Powder Bronzer and the Smooth Eye Colour Quad. From Guerlain, I’ll just take one of everything! SInce that’s not in the budget, I’ll just settle for the L’Or Makeup Base.

2. What is your favorite part of the holidays?  What is your least favorite part?
I absolutely love the holidays because they bring family together, there is lots of good food and people are generally in good spirits. My favorite part would be seeing my two boys so happy on Christmas morning. Christmas was something that I looked forward to as a child and I enjoy making my children happy. As for my least favorite part, I would have to say the lines! It’s almost unbearable to shop in overcrowded stores and the long lines make it ever worse.

3. What was your favorite product(s) of 2010?
The Clairsonic Mia. Although the Mia is not a new product, it’s still my favorite product of 2010. I have very oily skin and large pores so a proper cleansing routine is a must for clear skin. The Mia removes makeup even after I’ve washed my face and it leaves my skin super smooth. It’s worth every penny.

4. What is your favorite part of makeup application?
Putting on makeup is such an “experience”, I simply love the transformation. My favorite part is putting on my lipstick or lip gloss. It’s like the finishing touch or the icing on the cake. I usually go for a bold color on my lips because they are my favorite feature. If I use a light shade, I prefer a gloss with a lot of shine, I like my lips to “pop”.

5. What was your signature makeup look in 2010?
In 2010 I kept it pretty simple because I work in a corporate environment. If I use foundation at all I just apply to the areas of my face where I need it, I’ll finish with a light dusting of powder, mascara, bronzer and lip gloss. If I’m going out at night then I’ll add a red lip and a little eyeshadow.

6. What is your signature drink at Starbucks?
Since I’m watching my weight I try to avoid Starbucks, but if I simply can’t fight the craving then, I’ll opt for a Skinny Vanilla Latte.

7. What “miracle” product do you hope is invented in 2011?
Something that prevents and reverses wrinkles. Growing old in inevitable but do we have to look old? I say NO! So somebody please event a serum that keeps us looking young forever. Amen.

I hope you enjoyed that interview.  Please visit Lipstick and Luxury to see more about Nicole!

xoxo, K

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