Review: Lush Coal Face Cleanser

I received a sample of the Lush Coal Face Cleanser during my MAJOR haul in the UK.  Lush UK gives out a lot of samples and freebies, which is a great way to try new products.

(This product is called “Black Beauty” in Japan and looks very different from the picture below)

What it does: 
Cleansing and balancing. The ground up charcoal comes from sustainable woodland in the UK and it is very good for your skin. It helps to absorb excess sebum and acts as a mild exfoliator. The sandalwood and softening liquorice help to improve the condition of the skin. Liquorice root decoction is antibacterial, but also moisturises the skin.

Price: £4.15/100g (UK), $11.95/3.5 oz (US), 1080 JPY/100g (Japan)
This translates to $0.067/g (UK), $0.12/g (US), $0.13/g (Japan).  As usual, the price in the UK is much, much more affordable.

– Smells like sandalwood.  I personally really enjoy this scent, but this is a personal preference
– Foams up very well
– Left my skin feeling very refreshed

– Leaves a black mark on wash cloths which is slightly hard to remove
– This contains coal.  Therefore, I would not recommend this product if you have dry skin

Would I repurchase?  Yes!

This was a really nice facial cleanser for my combination skin.  It left my skin feeling very fresh and smooth.  I wasn’t expecting much since this was just a freebie, but now I want to buy some!

– I used this as a facial cleanser.  I removed my makeup with an oil-based cleanser ahead of time.

Hope you enjoyed this review!

xoxo, K

PS: yes, I’m still living in a hotel in China.  I’ll be doing so for the rest of the year, probably!

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7 thoughts on “Review: Lush Coal Face Cleanser”

  1. Black Beauty??? Like the horse??

    You know what I like about coal? BBQ!!! ahahaha

    Thank you for the review but as I have dry skin I will give this lump a wide berth.

  2. oh i love the scent of sandalwood too! i’m wondering if Lush has any bath soaps which smells like sandalwood 😛

    i might try coal face during summer because my skin is dry in winter 🙂 thanks for the review!

  3. nice review – I’ll add this to my wishlist to try in the spring/summer…my skin gets more sensitive/dry in the winter, even though my t-zone is still too oily >.<

  4. absorbs excess sebum huh? too bad it smells like sandlewood 😐 not a big fan of those musty woody scents (at least, IMO haha). glad it worked out for you! the black coming off on fabric is why i’m hesitant to try out the MAC volcanic items i bought.. still sitting in my drawer.. i should really use them, hahaha.

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