Review: Lush BB Seaweed Fresh Face Mask

I’ve reviewed several of Lush’s Fresh Face Masks, so I was really excited to try a new one.  I bought this when I was in the UK.

What it does:
All skin types can benefit from this nutritious mask, containing seaweed and seaweed absolute to refresh and restore. Kaolin will cleanse the pores, honey is a gentle antiseptic to keep spots at bay and soothing aloe vera will calm redness. (from Lush’s UK website)

Price: 4.95 GBP ($8) for 75 g (UK), 1650 yen ($18.50) for 50 g in Japan
I mentioned before that the UK price seemed to have decreased. I checked with an SA who confirmed that they’ve lowered their prices.  Yay for us!

– leaves my skin feeling moisturized
– gently exfoliates my skin (the exfoliation is very, very gentle)
– no strong scent. It does smell slightly pasty.

– contains pretty big chunks of seaweed, which was a turn off for me.

Would I repurchase? probably not!

It’s a great mask if you want an all-around nice mask which does a bit of everything, but the seaweed bits drove me nuts!  Here‘s a picture from the Lush website where you can see how big the bits are.   See the black pieces under the girl’s nose? I didn’t like slathering that on my face. I also didn’t like washing it down the drain!

– all of the cons of Fresh Face Masks in general apply to this one as well.  They do not contain preservatives.  Therefore, they need to be stored in the refrigerator and need to be used up within 2-3 weeks, or they will go bad.

Hope you enjoyed the review!

xoxo, K

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8 thoughts on “Review: Lush BB Seaweed Fresh Face Mask”

  1. thanks for your review! I don’t know if LUSH HK stocks these masks 😀 but i’ll check it out next time.

    Can’t imagine washing the seaweed bits down to the drainpipes :X

  2. You know how when people in UK say SEAWEED? Which one are they talking about? Konbu? Wakame? Tengusa? lol

    Sorry that this is waaaaaaaay off the mark and nothing to do with your review.


  3. Hello Old Cow (Lol funny name)
    I’m from the UK, and I asked this too. It’s fresh seaweed from UK shores, from a oyster farm. So… basically we don’t know what type. What ever type is common in the UK LOL
    I bought this mask as I go through them all. I found the lumps annoying too.
    I’ve kind of been put off all lush products now, though, so I’m just whining hehe.
    In japan i bought a dark angels not notcing the price, i needed a cleanser and i wasn’t familiar with the japanese prodcuts (not that i can’t read japanese, just, i wasn’t sure if they’re good or not. i wasn’t into beauty back then)
    GOSH JAPAN your lush products are always like 5 times the price jeez! I really regret getting it now i’m obsessed with japanese products.
    woah wall of text. sorry

  4. Ahhh the seaweed would gross me out! Nothing abotu seaweed is appealing to me.. every time I go for sushi with my boyfriend I gag at the smell of it! Thanks for the review – I definitely will not be purchasing this product!


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