Quick Love and Pearl Milk Teas

A very kind subscriber sent me a love parcel before I left Japan.  Thank you so much!

Queen Helene Gentle Oatmeal and Honey Scrub
I had been very interested in this product for a while, so thank you for sending it to me!
She also sent me this lovely package of gifts from Canada!
Thank you so much!
I’ve been tweeting about the pearl milk teas I’ve been enjoying in China. Something from Starbucks is about $4-5 here, which is about the same as in the US. I didn’t consider it expensive until I saw what local girls drink… Pearl Milk Teas that start at 5 RMB (about $0.70 USD) .

I only remembered to take a picture after I started drinking this!
You may think that things in China are cheap. However, as the economy has gotten better, the cost of everything has gone up. Clothing is the same price as in Japan. Everything that is imported comes with a 30% price increase. I wouldn’t consider it cheap to live here. Food is the only thing which continues to be cheap!

I’m so excited about my trip to Hawaii!  What do you I suggest I buy from the drugstore?

xoxo, K

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7 thoughts on “Quick Love and Pearl Milk Teas”

  1. I hope that you’ll be doing a review of that facial scrub. It looks very interesting to me.

    I can’t wait till you’re here in Hawaii too! We can go drugstore shopping.


  2. oh! i’ve been looking for that mask/scrub for you still. thank goodness someone else found it haha 🙂 i don’t know why i was having such a hard time!

    don’t get TOO much from the drugstore.. else i won’t have stuff to send you : boo!

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