Up & Down #7 / A Piece of Me… in October 2010

It’s time for my monthly Ups & Downs!

– Maybelline Lash Stiletto Voluptuous

This was a gift from Sarah.  I like how it gives me full, long lashes without clumping.

– Pressing the Barry M Dazzle Dusts that I acquired in London (My haul is coming up!)

I went a little crazy and got a BUNCH of Barry M Dazzle Dusts.  I loved the ones I bought last year so I needed to get more!  They are VERY pigmented.

– Getting to meet lovely blogger ladies!

– Moving!  How exciting!

– That my move is SOOOO RUSHED.

It’s the time of the month to join Notes from the Toothfairy in A Piece of Me!

This month…

I like: that my life is exciting!

I don’t like: nothing.  Things are going well for me!  Wow, how often can you say that there is NOTHING in your life that you don’t like!

I want you to know: that I’m bringing my MAC MSFs and eyeshadow palettes by hand.  I am NOT going to be shipping them to China and risk losing or damaging them! (I’ve got interesting priorities… MSFs and eyeshadow palettes are among my “irreplaceable valuables”)

I’ve planned: to continue blogging even after I’ve moved.  Hopefully I’ll find a VPN that works for me!

What products have you loved this month?

xoxo, K

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10 thoughts on “Up & Down #7 / A Piece of Me… in October 2010”

  1. I am glad you are at a point in you life where there is nothing you don’t like. It’s rare but a good feeling! Good luck with your move too! I would hand carry my makeup too….never know with moving companies. 🙂

  2. i’m soooo happy that your life has turned around for the better!! i rmbr you were pretty down for awhile 🙁 and i was kind of upset and wished i could do something.. but yay!! how it has changed 😀 i hope it stays this way!

    btw.. your “interesting priorities” part got my LOL’ing 😛 i think i spend too much time deciding what makeup/skincare to take instead of, well you know, packing faster -__-

  3. Wow, how awesome that there isn’t anything that you don’t like this month!

    Good luck with the move and I’m looking forward to hearing about your new living situation in China!

    Take care!


  4. Wow, your moving to China? That’s awesome! I think you will be able to find a VPN!

    Please take some food pictures when your in China! I love learning about different foods! 🙂

  5. ooh you are moving!! i cannot believe i miss out so much of stuffs in the blogging world…good luck with the move! XD

  6. Omg, please let me know what you used to press barry m dazzles!?? That’s so awesome.

    Good luck with the move. =)

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