London Day 4 – Museums

Day 4 was my last day in London. I spent it at a few museums that I love.

This is a random side street on a Sunday morning.  Shops in London open only at 12 noon on Sundays, so the streets are quite bare in the mornings.
No stores on Sunday mornings probably sounds terrible to Americans.  Actually, in much of Europe, stores don’t open AT ALL on Sundays!  (Yes, this includes grocery stores!!!)

Here we are at Trafalgar Square.
The building that you see in this picture houses the National Portrait Gallery, a major museum.
Nelson’s Column, in the center of the square

The fourth plinth.  The other three plinths hold statues, while this one is bare. 
This is a picture of the current artwork, “Nelson’s Ship.”
When I was here last year, this plinth contained One & Other.  Do click this link; I think the concept is really cool.

The obligatory food picture.  I had a lot of light food while I was in London.

This is a picture of Regent Street, one of the major shopping areas. 

Later that day, I made my way to the British Museum
This is where the Rosetta Stone is housed.  
Remember it from your Social Studies class in Elementary School?

The amazing thing about London is that both the British Museum and the National Portrait Gallery, among other museums, are publicly funded (= free).  Compare this with the $20 “recommended” fee for the Metropolitan Museum in New York! 

Next up, my trip to Manchester!

xoxo, K

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9 thoughts on “London Day 4 – Museums”

  1. Thanks for your interesting travelogue. I’m enjoying seeing London through your pictures. Looking forward to your Manchester pictures and of course your new environment pictures after you get settled.


  2. The county I live in goes by blue law – meaning anything that is NOT a necessity is closed on Sundays. It makes for a very peaceful day.

    Free museums..?? I wish..

    Looks like a great trip.

  3. wow! really makes me want to go to europe now 🙂 especially london. looks so nice, love the statues.. and the fact that museums are actually free. and no shops on sunday mornings wouldn’t be so bad for me (maybe not the WHOLE sunday), but my dad LOVES shopping on sunday mornings, haha.

  4. when you go to the Met in NYC, you just offer to make a ‘donation’ and you can give a dollar to enter. =) My art teacher in high school gave us this tip!

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