London Day 3 – Bicester Village

On Day 3 of my London visit, Jamilla kindly took me to Bicester Village.  Bicester Village (pronounced “Biss-ter”) is an outlet shopping center, with many high end brands.  For more on Bicester Village, read Jamilla’s hilarious blog post here.

Take a good look at this tube map… I love British humor!

The highlight of the trip was getting to visit the Cosmetic Company Store, the UK’s version of CCOs!  As expected, I did a lot of damage.  The stock was pretty good, if old.  Much of the stuff was from 2009, or earlier.

(From the Emanuel Ungaro collection, Sept 2008)

 Of Summer
(From A Rose Romance collection, April 2009)

 Bright Future
(From the Style Warrior collection, May 2009)

Night Maneuvers
(From the Style Warrior collection, May 2009)
(From Love that Look Collection, July 2009)

 Style Snob
(From Love That Look Collection, July 2009)

(From the Magic, Mirth, and Mischief collection, October 2009)

Intriguing Scarlet: 6 Warm Eyes
(From the Passions of Red collection, October 2008) 
There were pro pans as well, which surprised me.
Are these colors being discontinued?

Beautiful Iris

 Sushi Flower


Naked Honey Body Wash
(from the Naked Honey collection, June 2009)

Volcanic Ash Exfoliant
(from the Style Black collection, September 2009)
I got some non-MAC items as well…

Clinique Happy

Clinique Happy Body Lotion

Clinique Even Better Skin Tone Corrector

Sorry for the black tape in some of the pictures.  I sealed the bottles to bring them back to Japan, and plan to keep them sealed during my move!

My shopping adventures continue!

xoxo, K

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7 thoughts on “London Day 3 – Bicester Village”

  1. Now that’s a HAUL! Very nice stuff! Bright future from the Style Warrior looks fierce! How do you think you’re going to wear it?

    Victoria Stanell

    Associate Product Editor

  2. i live in the uk, i love bicester! u should also check out cheshire oaks too its another big outlet with a good cosmetics company and a revlon outlet… i bought alot there..

    i’ve been following for a while, its kool your in uk =]

  3. Ahh… I’d have loved to go to Bicester Village with you guys! Seems like you actually found lots of stuff! 😉

  4. Ahh I NEED to go Bicester village now (I will also dig out my massive CK bag to fit in with all the other asian ladies..and like store my damage too)

    How much were the MAC eyeshadows each? Cuz full price is £11. =)

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