Final Haul in the UK

We’re finally at the end of my posts about my trip to the UK. Wow, I’ve been posting about this trip for nearly a month!  This is my last haul, I promise!!

Barry M Nail Paint in Mushroom
This is a MUCH hyped product in the UK blogger world, where it is considered a dupe for the Chanel Particuliere nail polish.  I picked up two of these, one to give as a gift.  It is really a wonderful, work-appropriate color and I’m really glad I got it!


Topshop Nail Polish in Gypsy Night
Topshop recently came out with a line of beauty products.  Although the picture makes it look like this is a black polish with silver glitter, it actually has a multi-colored shimmer.  I also got two of these and sent one to Sarah for her birthday.  She calls the polish “OMGWTF”!
  Collection 2000 Hot Looks nail polishes


Gosh Darling Lipstick
Another hyped product.  It was SUPER hard to find this!
L’Oreal Studio Secrets Smooth Resurfacing Primer
During our meetup, Jess enabled me to buy this.
Yinnie enabled me to buy this:
Soap & Glory The Fab Pore Facial Peel
And Jamilla enabled me to buy this:
MUA nail polishes (only 1 GBP each!)
Shopping with beauty bloggers is dangerous!!
I also got these Home Fragrance Oils from the Body Shop

Whew, thanks for tagging along through my month of shopping and sightseeing!  Back to regular blogging now!!

xoxo, K

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8 thoughts on “Final Haul in the UK”

  1. Oh wow, so much nail varnish. I heard the collection 2000 ones are really good quality. =)

    BTW did you manage to pick up any illamasqua when you were here?

  2. adore the Barry m polish in mushroom! Shame i didn’t pick up any of their polishes last time i was in UK *sulks* i’ve the Soap & Glory peel too!

    the MUA brand is such a steal, isn’t it :D?

  3. oh oh! the darling lipstick~ i was looking at it and it looks really nice but i think i’m a bit tan for it, but i think it’d make a great shade for you <3

    YAY the omgwtf polish! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

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