Thank you! Love from Sarah

I came home one day to a very unexpected package from Sarah. When I opened the box, I got a whiff of a wonderful scent. This can only mean Sarah hit me with a Bath & Body Works bomb!

In case you are new to my blog, I LOVE BATH & BODY WORKS stuff!  I’ve made a post about the brand before, which you can read here.

Twilight Woods Shower Gel
Sarah knows me so well – this is one of my favorite scents.

Twilight Woods Body Lotion
I love to layer the fragrances.  This will be great, especially as the weather turns cooler.

Twilight Woods Hand Lotion
 I’ve never tried their hand lotion before, but this sounds promising.

Moonlight Path Body Lotion
 Another one of my favorite scents!

Dark Kiss Body Lotion
 How did Sarah know that I wanted to try this new scent?  Wow!!

Twilight Woods Home Fragrance Oil
Now I can use these oils without worrying about using them up!
Thanks again, Sarah!  Your birthday present will be shipped out REALLY SOON!
xoxo, K
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9 thoughts on “Thank you! Love from Sarah”

  1. hahaha im so happy you got more b&bw stuff to use! i wish i can also send you some of your faves, but we dont have it here. 🙁

    how’s the move coming about? 🙂

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