Review: Lush Yummy Yummy Yummy Shower Wash

This is a review of Lush (@LushLtd)’s Yummy Yummy Yummy Shower Wash. This product has been discontinued in the US and the UK.  (Side note: the Japanese SA’s were not even aware that this product had been discontinued in the UK)

This product is called “Itoshi no Berry” (Berry My Love) in Japan.

What it does:
Yummy Yummy Yummy has lots of truly wonderful, natural ingredients: fresh strawberries, soothing honey, moisturizing almond oil, plus a drop of rejuvenating olibanum oil. It’s our yummiest shower gel yet, creating the softest skin. (from Lush’s Hong Kong website)

Price: 900 JPY / 100g (Japan), 3.10 GBP / 100g (UK), 9.95 USD / 3.3 fl oz (US)
This is the same price range as their other shower gels.  In US dollars, the price comes to $10.70 (Japan), $4.75 (UK), and $9.95 (US).  You can see that the price in the UK is MUCH more affordable!
This small bottle (the 100g/3.3 fl oz bottle) is about the same size as the Bath & Body Works Travel Size shower gels and body lotions.  It is quite small.

– smells like strawberries
– leaves my skin feeling moisturized

– doesn’t foam up
– this has a very watery consistency.  I was expecting a similar consistency to my other shower gels, so I was surprised!

Would I repurchase? I’ll try another scent first!

Yes, I bought this because I knew it was already discontinued in the UK.  It was very popular, and I understand why.  It does smell very nice, and doesn’t dry out my skin.  However, I like my shower gels to foam up, so I’ll probably try something else next.

– Since this is watery and doesn’t foam up, I recommend using a washcloth.  It would be hard to rub such a runny liquid on my body by hand.
– This is VERY pink.  Pouring the liquid on my washcloth made me feel like I was splashing Pepto Bismol on it.

Hope you enjoyed the review!

xoxo, K

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12 thoughts on “Review: Lush Yummy Yummy Yummy Shower Wash”

  1. It sounds like it smells yummy. Aaahhh too bad that it’s runny and doesn’t foam up. Although I know that the properties that make the soaps foam up are not supposed to be good, I somehow feel like I’m not clean without a good lather.


  2. I bought this one earlier this year before I started my blog and found the same issues. The consistency was awful! At first it was ok, but after leaving it in my shower room the ingredients started to separate. The lack of bubbles was another bad point for me, sadly since this was the first shower wash I tried from lush it really turned me off of trying another.

  3. hmm i wonder if its discontinued in canada too. i love strawberries so i would def try this ^^ thanks for the review! its too bad that it’s really watery and foam less. i like my shower to be fun with bubbles!

  4. so true about the watery consistency!! i was not sure about the true form of it as i thought maybe the heat through shipping might have changed the consistency of it..ooh glad that i have this before it stop producing it! XD

  5. I love the name in Japan!!! I’ve never tried yummy yummy yummy, i think i might have a small bottle of it in my stash *dig dig dig* off i go!

  6. Hmmm it’s really hard to find a strawberry shower gel that smells like strawberry but not too sweet. It’s a pity the texture of this is not that good! Any recommendations for good strawberry shower gels/ lotion?

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