An Announcement as I sit in Kansai Airport

A quick personal announcement as I sit waiting for my flight to London…

I’m moving in mid-October.  Yes, in a month.

I’m moving out of the country, so there is a lot to do in a few days.

Where am I moving to?  I’ll give you three hints:

(1) I’m not sure how reliable mail is there
(2) Makeup is expensive there  *looks at Sheila and Macnunu*
(3) I’m not sure if I can blog there

Yep, I’m moving to Mainland China.

If I owe you a package, please remind me – I’m rushing to get things sent out.  Please let me know if I should be expecting  something from you.  My mail will not be forwarded, so anything that gets to me after my move will be returned unless I make arrangements beforehand.

This was a really sudden decision, and I’m running around trying to get things in place.  Taxes, getting rid of my car and major appliances, applying for a visa in China… these are all quite time-consuming for me!

Thank you in advance for your continued love and support while I settle down.  Hopefully I’ll be able to set up my VPN and continue to blog!

xoxo, K

PS:  I’m traveling to the UK for 1.5 weeks and then to China for a week.  I’ll try to post about my trip when I come back, but I have scheduled posts until then!

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26 thoughts on “An Announcement as I sit in Kansai Airport”

  1. WHAT?! OMG! I want to hear the details of everything! If this is what you want, then hurray to you!!! Does this mean plans to travel here in December are up in the air?

    Have a fun time in UK!


  2. Congrats for letting this out to the world, that means its FINAL!! Woot, so happy for you ^__^

    Mail is actually pretty reliable, and very fast. Although, I have heard that you get taxed import taxes on anything over a certain amount, and that amount is apparently low… so if you are getting a package sent in, remind them to lower the value of the package and select as gift.

    Otherwise, its actually not bad.

    Oh and one more thing is, cosmetics really isn’t THAT expensive XD its just more expensive than the cheaper places you can get it, eg. Taiwan and HK. It actually ends up to be cheaper than JP, so I think you’ll be fine with the prices. Although, there aren’t very many drugstore stuff like in JP, and the convenience stores there kinda suck…

    Overall though… CONGRATS!! *hugs you virtually*

  3. oh …wow is this for better? I Hope so!!! I’ve lived and worked in China for 3.5 yr and so far so good πŸ™‚ Makeup is quite pricey there! So hoard before you move to China πŸ™‚

  4. WOW thats a big surprise! I hope you get everything in order before you move. have fun on your trip and always be safe πŸ™‚

    please set up your VPN, blogger wont be as fun and sweet without you around Kay! *hugs*

  5. ps. I used the revlon falsies you gave me and I loved them! they were so comfortable to wear! you showed me that owning the right falsies make a BIG difference. Thank you Kay! ^_^

  6. Have fun in the UK!!! Soo jelly!! BUt whoa MOVING?! To CHINA?! Dang Kay! I hope the process goes smoothly for you! Don’t forget to take it easy too now! You work to much and moving is stressful enough!

    And I hope you can blog there! That makes me sad to think if you couldn’t! πŸ™

  7. hope you will arrive safely! ^^ wish everything will work out for you πŸ™‚ its gonna be something to get used too. we’ll miss you, make sure you update once in a while if access to the internet it limited

  8. woww that is so sudden!! (maybe because i am behind & slow lol) but wowww!! moving to China!! That is a huge step, Kay! *hugs* May I ask why? Is it for work? Have fun on your trip in the UK & can’t wait to hear more news from you soon! Be safe!<3

    ♥ caroline

  9. omg i’m really late on this as i haven’t been able to check blogs often recently, china!! ahh how hectic. good luck with everything, I sure hope we can still gchat/twitter/blog when you are in China!

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