Washing your face with lather

I’ve gotten a few requests to explain what I mean when I say I use a face net to wash my face.  I’ve seen this product in a few blogs, and I wanted to explain how to use it properly.

Many Japanese beauty magazines advocate that you wash your face “with bubbles, not your fingers.”  The concept is that your fingers (or a wash cloth) should not be touching your skin directly when you wash your face.  Instead, there should be a layer of creamy lather.  The magazines say that the pressure from your fingers on your skin will create wrinkles.

This may be a strange concept for many non-Japanese people, but this concept is very, very common here.  I learned this way of washing my face in high school, which is a good 10 years ago.

So… the question becomes, “how do you create creamy lather?”  You could do it by hand (which I did when I was in high school), but it is a PAIN.  This is where the face net comes in handy!

Face wash net
You can find this at any drugstore or 100 yen store in Japan.
There are SEVERAL different brands.  Since there is absolutely no difference in how they work, I always pick one up at the 100 yen store.
Inside the packaging, it looks like this:
Some of the face wash nets have closed bottoms (like this one).  They all work exactly the same.
The instructions are on the packaging.
Using a face wash net is SUPER easy.
1. Run the net under water and put a dab of cleanser on it.
The process is the same for any form of cleanser, as long as it’s supposed to foam up.  If you are using a solid cleanser (=a soap bar), rub it a bit against the net. Either way, you’ll find after a few uses that you probably need less cleanser than you have been using.  
2. Rub the net between your hands
 You’ll immediately see that the cleanser foams up, creating creamy bubbles.
3. Make a fist around the net and start pulling the ring end through your thumb and forefinger
(No, I’m not giving anyone the finger!)
4. Keep pulling the ring until you are left with the creamy lather in your hand.

5. Rub the lather onto your face and continue as you normally wash your face
DON’T use the net as a washcloth!!  Don’t rub the net against your face!!!

Here is a youtube video which shows the process.
You do not need to apply as much soap as they show in the video, and you can just simply rub the soap against your net (not wrap it in the net as in the video).

When you are done washing your face, rinse the net and hang it up to dry.  It will dry within a matter of minutes.

The entire process takes less than 15 seconds! This method of washing your face is good for sensitive and dry skin as well. 

Face wash nets are a must have for me.  I bring one with me on every single trip I go on, whether it’s an overnight trip or a 30 day business trip.  It takes up no space at all!  I love the creamy lather that I get, and I can’t imagine washing my face any other way!

xoxo, K

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29 thoughts on “Washing your face with lather”

  1. nice post!

    i used to use this method to cleanse my face, but i got lazy and gave up on foaming…lol

    this post motivated me to foam more!!haha.


  2. this sounds interesting, i love lather! im gonna go see if they have this at the local daiso 🙂 thank you for sharing and doing a tut.! have a great week ahead! 🙂

  3. It looks awesome! I don’t think I’ve ever seen that much foam from a cleanser before (I sound so dorky :X) lol I wonder if I can find them in NYC. After how long do you usually replace it (if it needs to be replaced at all)?

  4. wow, interesting! that’s why there are so called face nets, its not that you scrub the net on your face, but use it to make a lather and the foam would be the face wash! now i know! haha~ thanks for sharing^^ would love to know more tips^^

  5. I’ve seen these nets at Daiso and seen a Taiwanese show where the lady was in her 50s that used this method to wash her face and she looks like she’s in her 30s >__>
    If I wasn’t such a lazy bum, I’d try this one out!I also keep thinking that it won’t be strong enough to get all the gunk off my face.

  6. ohhh, so that’s how they’re meant to be used! I had a different kind (a mesh net with 3 little mesh balls inside) that I’d use to lather up my facewash, but I’d use the net to gently exfoliate my skin at the same time. Next time I pick one up I’ll know how to use it properly 🙂

  7. thanks for reviewing, i love all your pictures showing the process too. I also use a face net now, after I read in the magazine about how it should be the foam washing your face instead of fingers, hahaha. I love it, cuz it produces way more foam than the wash could possibly can!

  8. Thanks for sharing this info! It was quite interesting. I never knew about this! I’m not even sure if I’ve ever seen the net before and even if I did see it in our local stores, I definitely didn’t know what it was for.


  9. Thanks for sharing this! 🙂 I’ve been curious about face nets for a while. I still foam my cleanser up by hand, but the face net looks very convenient. I’ll have to remember to try one the next time I see them. 😛

  10. I have a similar experience with “lather” with Ecobeau’s foaming cleanser, at first it felt weird but I’m starting to like it!!! 🙂 this is unique

  11. Oh i have foaming net too! i used it for a couple of months, liked it too. But recently im back on my hg soap and i think it works much better without it. Great tut anyway!

  12. ‘it works just a like a body bath net. I never know that pressure on our face can make wrinkle. is it not good to get a facial because they always massage our skin rite? I wonder

  13. Thanks for this. I just got one and was unsure how to use it. They also sell foam facial cleansers that come out as foam right from the dispenser (similar to hair mousse)

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