Review: Lush Summer Pudding Soap

This is a review of the Lush Summer Pudding Soap.

(from the Lush UK website)

What it does:
Summer pudding is a scrumptious English tradition- one that we happily adopted when making this delectable glace cherry filled soap! Scrubby ground almonds and deep cleansing juniper berry oil soften and smooth rough skin, leaving it a temptation to touch (and sniff!). Summer Pudding is scented with Simon’s delicious โ€˜berried treasure’ fragrance, bursting with notes of fruity buchu and zesty lemon oils. We’ll give you fair warning- this one smells so delectable that someone just might take a bite!

(from the Lush USA website)

Note: In Japan, this product is called “Mama’s Kitchen Pudding Soap”

UK: 3.60 GBP / 100 g = $0.056/g

US: $5.95/3.5 oz = $0.06/g
Japan: 600 JPY / 100g  = $0.07/g

Not much of a difference there, but this is affected by the current strong Japanese Yen.
(Do people find it useful when I do this price comparison by weight?  It is actually very time consuming)

This is the block I bought, cut in half.  This is about 50g.

– Very interesting soap, having two different textures.  The dark pink part is one kind of soap, and the light pink part is a very different kind of soap.
– The light pink part was a little bit gritty, probably from the ground almonds.  I like to think that this gives me gentle exfoliation
– Has a fruity scent that reminds me of cherries

– This is a limited edition soap for the summer, and may already not be available at your local Lush
– This is a very soft soap, especially the light pink part.  Leaving it in your shower will cause it to melt.  I cut mine in half to keep half in the shower and half in somewhere it won’t melt!
– Will melt in warm weather. Actually, mine melted slightly in my room during the day!
– The cherries are excessive.  They serve no purpose except to make the soap look pretty, and I’m a bit put off by having fruit in my soap.

Other thoughts:
– In Japan and the US, Lush sells their soaps by weight.  They will cut off a piece, weigh it, and attach a price tag.  In some countries, the soaps come prepackaged.

Would I repurchase: Maybe, but there are other Lush soaps to try first!

This is the first Lush soap I tried, and it was an interesting experience!  What soap do you recommend I try next?

xoxo, K

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15 thoughts on “Review: Lush Summer Pudding Soap”

  1. The soap is so cute!

    The only time in my life when I used Lush soaops was probably 4 or 5 years ago. I was into soap making at the time and my oldest son bought me about half a dozen different lush soaps for a Christmas present. I really liked them a lot but they are so expensive.

    For me, it’s nice to see the price breakdown but not necessary.


  2. Hi K,

    Thanks for this helpful review! At first I was quite enchanted with the picture you put up. The soap looks really pretty! I agree though that the cherries are unnecessary since they provide no function purpose. Duly noted!

  3. Omg this soap is sooo pretty! Yes I really lke how u do comparison by weight, it’s really helpful ๐Ÿ™‚ hmm what u should try next. Have u tried snowcake? Smells like almond pudding. My fav soap from the holiday collection ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I’m from the UK, the homeland of Lush, and here they cut the soap and weigh it for you, too. It’s the same in Sweden, Germany, Spain, Austria, France and hungary, too. (I go to lush everywhere i go… just to see if something’s different. hehe)

  5. Oh the soap looks so cute! But I can see how the cherries would not be functional. I tried some Lush soaps that the saleslady(girl?) recommended when I was visiting Japan last summer. They were fun to use and interesting enough but they didn’t really do anything for my acne. (To be fair, nothing did until I started taking birth control.) Anyway, thanks for reviewing this! I’m always tempted to buy something when I pass by the store. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Mmm…. this looks so good to eat! I think it looks delicious!

    Everytime I walk in to a Lush store, it smells lucious. I think they stock some interesting products there. I like the facial scrubs and bath bombs ^^

  7. interesting that they put actual cherries in the soap bar – it looks cool, but I’m with you, it’s a bit odd to have them there. The only soaps I’ve tried from Lush are snowcake and something that was bright blue. I hear Honey I Washed the Kids is supposed to be good.

    RYC: the MUFE HD blush is insanely pigmented! I only need a 1/2 pump from the bottle to use on both cheeks, and sometimes that’s even a bit much! it lasts for a really long time though ๐Ÿ™‚

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