Review: Gatsby Ice Deodorant Body Paper Ice Citrus

This is a review of the Gatsby Ice Deodorant Body Paper Ice Citrus (yes, that’s the name of the product).

It may be back to school time in US, but it’s still REALLY hot and humid here in Japan.  We are constantly getting temperatures above 35C (95F).  It doesn’t cool down at night, either.  Night time temperatures are around 27C (80F).

When I want to quickly refresh myself, I turn to body wipes, such as these from Gatsby.


Gatsby is a brand of body care products, mainly directed at men.  The brand is part of the Mandom group, famous in the blogger world for their makeup removers.  In Japan, Gatsby is famous for their deodorants and hair styling products, as well as the commercials featuring Takuya Kimura (of SMAP) and cool dancing!

What it does:
Cool down like ice and wipe away the sticky feeling!  The coolness from these ice deodorant papers will wipe away the stickiness and smell from sweat and leave your skin feeling refreshed.

-Citrus scent that helps you feel cool
-With coolness ingredients, the super cool feeling will last a long time
-Antiperspirant and deodorant (anti-bacterial) ingredients will block sweat and smell
-Papers (25cmx20cm) are thick, large, and soft, so that you can wipe your entire body with just one sheet.
-Free of parabens
(from Gatsby’s website, translated by K)

Price: about 400-450 yen ($4.50-5.25) for 30 sheets, depending where you buy them.  There is also a smaller package.

– After wiping my body, the menthol immediately makes my body feel cool and refreshed
– Whatever is in it helps to remove the stickiness I get from sweating
– The cool feeling lasts for a while!!!
– The citrus smell is not very strong
– Each sheet is large (25cmx20cm = 9.8inches x 7.8inches), thick like a good quality paper towel, and is durable for wiping your entire body

– This is contained in a bag which is resealed with a sticker, like makeup wipes.  It will eventually dry out.

My thoughts:
This has been my go-to product for this entire summer!  Sometimes I use them when I wake up, and sometimes I use them when I’ve just gotten home from work.  The smaller package would be great to carry in your purse to quickly refresh yourself during the day.

Would I repurchase:
I already have!

I hope that you’re enjoying the last bits of summer!  Summer doesn’t end in Japan until mid-September, and the hot, sticky weather will typically hang around until then!!

xoxo, K

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12 thoughts on “Review: Gatsby Ice Deodorant Body Paper Ice Citrus”

  1. KimuTaku! My life is complete lol.

    I gotta look this stuff up. not sure if i can find it here but it’d be handy to have for what’s left of summer, especially now that Indian summer is kicking in

  2. I just ordered something similar to this in an unscented form (wasn’t sure if the minty/grapefruit scents would be really strong) and hopefully they work as well as the mandom ones, just in time for the hot weather again!

  3. This sounds amazing to have during those Asian summers where going around the corner outside makes you look like you just took a shower.
    On a separate note, it never ceases to amaze me how long SMAP has been around. They’ve been around since I was a wee nunu and I think the boy secretly idolises them. “Lion Heart” is his MUST SING at Karaoke lol xD

  4. Ooohhhh KimuTaku!!! <3 This just made my day!

    I’ve never heard of this product before. It sounds like it’s way more refreshing than the L’Occitane wipes that I’ve been using. I’ll have to go and check out the few Japanese stores that we have here to see if it’s available.

    Will I start dancing like KimuTaku? Oh wait, nvm, it’s for the Gatsby Rubber product. Whew! I was worried for a bit.


  5. ooooooo sounds really awesome. i wish i knew about these when i went to japan the first time xD haha! maybe i’ll have to go find some if/when i go again.

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