Love from thesungirl!

Recently I found another Japan-based blogger.  Meet Brianna, thesungirl!  We’ve chatted back and forth on email and twitter, and I sent her a sample of some body care stuff.  I was SO surprised to see a package back from her!

If you haven’t checked out her blog, please go take a look  (Her “followers” tab is at the bottom of her layout).

Victoria’s Secret Body Butter in Berry Kiss and Hydrating Body Lotion in Love Spell
Victoria’s Secret skin care is getting more popular here in Japan, where girls call it “Vikushi-“.
Victoria’s Secret = Vikutoria Shi-kurettsu (transliterated to Japanese) = Vikushi-
(Taking the first few syllables from each of the words is a common way of shortening words here!)
I’ve been really interested in VS stuff.  How did you know?

Lush Sugar Scrub
Wow, thanks for checking out my wishlist!  It must have been hard to find this, because in Japan, it’s called “Punch in the Shower”.  What is it with these weird Japanese Lush names which are totally unrelated to the original English names?
A Lush Tin
Very pretty stud earrings!


(I found out later that she made this herself!  How amazing is that!!!)
Thank YOU for this love pack!  Brianna said she noticed I seemed down and wanted to cheer me up.  Thank you for being so incredibly sweet!  I hope that we can meet up SOON.  Hmmm… maybe we should do a meetup – in Tokyo or in Kobe!
xoxo, K
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7 thoughts on “Love from thesungirl!”

  1. I like the shortening of Victoria Secret! So cute! The masks look neat, maybe you can give us a review of them and how they worked? Also I love the card too, thats super adorable so I’m really impressed she made it! Great post!

  2. A great love package! Nice handmade card too. Funny, maybe it’s the weather or something but I’ve been in a crafting mood and I pulled out some rubberstamps and have been making cards the few days too. Gosh, I haven’t done any rubberstamping for just about 3 years now.

    I hope that you’re feeling back to your old self soon.


  3. aww how sweet of her! and the hand made card is so pretty! that’s cute how girls in japan calls VS!!! I should say that too now, “hey honey, I want to go to vikushi today”. heheheeee :p

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