Weekend shopping in Osaka!

I went to the Namba area of Osaka recently for some shopping!
Here is a wikipedia link to the area (specifically, Dotonbori). http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/D%C5%8Dtonbori

Some of the most famous sights of Osaka are found in this area, where there are a lot of mechanical signs.

The Glico Man
The Giant Crab at Kani Doraku
(Its legs move!)
Kuidaore Taro
(He’s mechanical too!  Not my pic)
This is one of the first H&M stores in this region.
Unfortunately, I didn’t buy anything.  It was CRAZY CROWDED!!!
Here’s the line for Krispy Kremes.  The guard at the end is holding a sign that says “20 minute wait”
The streets of Namba remind me a little bit of New York.
All of these buildings are high end brand stores.
If you go off the main road, you’ll see streets lined with stores like this one.
Osaka is famous for its takoyaki
Takoyaki are balls of batter with a piece of octopus inside them.
This store seems to be pretty popular.  Look at how long the line is.
Hope you enjoyed my virtual tour of Namba, Osaka
xoxo, K

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16 thoughts on “Weekend shopping in Osaka!”

  1. hi! my dream place to visit is JP, so thank you for the post! 😀 the takoyaki looks so good.. its hard to find here in london!

  2. hahah you took the picture of the big crab!!!! that was the first thing that got my attraction when I went Namba on my last trip but that was like freaking 2 years ago =(

    lots of stuffs to shop for!!! Takoyaki~~~!!!!!

  3. Thanks for this post!! I really want to visit Japan one day! ^^ Care to be my tour guide? lol

    And yumm!!! Takoyaki!! I never knew how delicious they were until I went out to eat at a Jap. rest for my first time and they made me choose the dessert or appetizer thing. So by random, I picked this and it was quite good! I’m just curious about how the stuff on it moves. LOL


  4. Manila has inexpensive flights to Osaka and I will definitely consider to travel there with hubby in the future! Your post made me want to go there even more!

  5. The giant crab & Kuidaore Taro I know from my parents! LOL! They took pics of them when they went to Japan. I NEED TO GO TO JAPAN TOO! LOL!

    KrispyKremes is the SHIZZ!!!

  6. There’s Krispy Kreme in Japan?! I didn’t know that. Not that it’s a big deal for me since I do not like donuts. I love takoyaki! Every time I go to Ala Moana, I usually end up getting that for lunch.

    Thanks for the digital tour of Namba, Osaka.


  7. I miss all these places! I think its changed a lot since the last time I went down there! The picture of takoyaki made me drool, there is no better place than Osaka for it!

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