Summer essentials

Summer seems to start in June in the US, but I feel like mid-July is the start of Summer for me.
Mid-July is when schools go on summer vacation, and it’s also when the temperature gets really HOT and HUMID.  Japan might not be as hot and humid as other countries, but a lot of us walk everywhere.  That’s a lot of time out in the sun!

Here are my 10 summer must haves
1. Sunscreen / Sunblock
 Do people still tan?  I try to avoid it at all costs.  However, I can’t make myself wear gloves and long sleeves like many ladies here (yes, THIS is a common sight).  Sunscreen is a MUST HAVE!
The middle sunscreen is a spray that I got in the US.  I really wish we had these in Japan.  This is so convenient.

I’m not sure if there is a difference between sunscreen and sunblock.  In Japanese, both are called 日焼け止め = “tan stopper”.

2. Concealer
In the summer, I don’t often wear a full face of foundation.  However, I have a few discolorations on my face that tinted moisturizer can’t cover.  I like to wear concealer and powder if  I’m in a super hot climate.

I’m still looking for my HG concealer.  I’d love to try NYX Concealer in a Jar.

3. Blotting paper & powder
Even if my skin isn’t 100% perfect, I feel that I look pulled together as long as my face isn’t shiny.  It’s important to me to blot and then dust my face with a light powder.
Yo-jiya blotting sheets are VERY popular here.  You can only find them in Kyoto and in the airports.
The Ponds powder is a gift from Iyah, which I’m really loving.  I have done a review on the Skin Food Powder here.
4. Whitening/brightening skin care
Like many east Asian women, I am obsessed with making myself look lighter.
That’s an exaggeration, but I do want to minimize the sun damage that I get.  I try to use products that help to combat sun damage.
 This lotion is from the same line as Hada Labo.  I don’t know how well it works for brightening/whitening, but every little bit counts.
5. Cooling skin care
My body overheats VERY easily.  My skin will become hot and I’ll have headaches.  It’s very important to me that I stay cool, but I don’t like having the A/C blaring all the time.
The left hand product is from Gatsby and it’s a deodorant wipe.  I love it because it is SUPER minty and leaves my skin minty cool.
The orange bottle is a deodorant spray from Seabreeze.  Like other Seabreeze products, this also leaves my skin feeling cool and refreshed.

6. Bling

I love bling all the time, but summer helps me step out of my comfort zone.  Ponytail holders are very popular right now in Japan.  What a great place to start with bling.

7. A bright pedicure

(not my picture)

Bright toenails scream summer to me.
Right now, my toenails are painted bright red, but I really want to experiment with more colors.
8. Sweat/Oil/Smudge proof mascara

Ahhh, the never ending search for the perfect mascara!   The non-waterproof version of Cover Girl Lash Blast is currently my favorite.  It is the best mascara for me in terms of not smudging/flaking/leaving dark circles under my eyes, and it gives me the volume I want.

9. Eyebrow top coat

(not my picture)
This product is a lifesaver for me!  I brush it onto my eyebrows to prevent the parts that I’ve penciled in from fading.  This product is best used if you cut the hair on your eyebrows very short, like many Japanese girls in magazines.
I usually buy these at Daiso (100 yen store).  Similar products are sold at drugstores as well.

10. Blush with a sheen

I love a flush of color on the cheeks.  I think a blush with a sheen looks great in the summer.  I’m not very good with cream blushes, though.  Right now, I’m loving my Milani Luminous (the infamous Nars Orgasm dupe).
What are your favorite products this summer?  Please let me know!
xoxo, K
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13 thoughts on “Summer essentials”

  1. What a great post!

    OMG! You and I are very similar. When I get too hot, I get headaches too–migraines. One thing that I make sure that I do is stay hydrated. That helps to ward off any migraines. I, too, don’t like being in air conditioned rooms constantly.

    I found it funny that you wish that there was spray sunscreen in Japan. A few years ago I was reading a Japanese magazine and saw an advertisement for sunscreen but it was wipes–kind of like the neutrogena makeup remover wipes. I think that it was by Nivea. I thought that was such a great idea. I can’t find any here though.

    I’ll have to sit here and think about my favorite summer products. For sure one thing is my sunscreen.


  2. Hi K! I also get migraines when it gets too hot, thats why i avoid outdoor activity when its scorching hot outside.

    oooh i like bright pedis too! 🙂

  3. Hehehe, what a great list of summer must-haves!

    Traditionally, I believe sunscreen referred to products that blocked UVB rays so you didn’t burn, but didn’t block UVA rays so you’d still tan, hence they screened out some of the UV. Sunblock blocks all UV rays. But … since we now know that UVA is just as, if not worse than, UVB… almost all sun protection products include at least some UVA protection as well and the two terms are used pretty much the same to mean sunblock.

  4. Super summer must haves!

    I dont leave my house without putting sunscreen on. And the gatsby sheets are my HG item!! 🙂 That and the cool shirt spray. 🙂

  5. Great list Kay!

    If you like the Cover Girl Lash Blast you might like the new mascara that they just came out with- Lash Blast Fusion! I’m loving it right now. Do you prefer waterproof mascara’s? I owe you a thank you gift for helping me get the Blythe hair dye so if you wanted me to get the NYX concealer and mascara for you I totally can no problem! Just let me know what color concealer.

  6. Great picks for summer! I agree, tanning is a no-no for me too! Although I’m in Canada, I’m still an Asian and I want to be lighter too! However, there’s not much whitening products here in Canada. It’s quite hard to get a hold of =(

    But we do sell the Neutrogena sunscreen! I’ve seen the lotion form in SPF100 but not the spray form. I think the spray form’s highest SPF is like 75 in Canada,….that I’ve seen so far XD
    If you’d like, we can maybe do a swap? =D

  7. When I saw this pic with a pedicure I thought it yours 😛 Gorgeous shot 😀
    The eye brow top coat thing sounds so exciting. Never saw something like that before…

  8. the top coat for brows interesting!

    my summer essential is definitely sunblock too. cant step out with out it – like you im loving neutrogena!

    Actually Ive seen sunblock sprays here for like SPF 50, im just wondering if its effective as neutrogena..

    Ohh almost forgot… facial spray in a can!

  9. the minty wipes sound really interesting!! let me know if you want me to get you more of the sunscreen spray, i agree, it’s soooo convenient!

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