Review: Skinfood Fermented Pomegranate Whitening Sleeping Mask

This is a review for the Skinfood Fermented Pomegranate Whitening Sleeping Mask

I got this when I went to Korea.  Blair recommended it to me. (thanks, Blair!)

What it does:

A skin-brightening sleeping mask containing arbutin and pomegranate ferment extract forms a protective layer onto skin.  It provides continuous moisturization overnight and suppresses the formation of blemishes and dark spots, making skin look clear and radiant by morning.

After emulsion or essence, apply desired amount evenly onto face and gently massage to absorb.
(from the Skinfood website)

approximately 14000 Korean Won (about $11.50)

– Light enough to use in the summer and moisturizes enough that I can use it in the winter
– Not sticky
– Very light, watery texture

– Absorbs very quickly
– The packaging has a pump which is more sanitary than a jar

– I did not experience any whitening effects
– It’s expensive in Japan

Would I repurchase?  I would if I went to Korea! 

I really liked this, and if I lived in Korea, this would probably take the place of my nightly moisturizer.  I was wary of sleeping masks at first.  I thought, “I slather this on my face and then go to sleep?  Won’t it get all over my sheets?”  However, this sleeping mask gets absorbed into my skin very quickly.

Hope you liked this review!!

In related news…
Skinfood has recently opened some branches in Japan, and one of them is in Kobe!  I stopped by last weekend, hoping to pick up some stuff…

In the end, I didn’t buy anything since it was REALLY expensive!  I was surprised!  The Mushroom BB Cream, which is about 13000 Korean Won (about $11) in Korea, was $25.  That’s more than twice the price!  I can get the same BB cream cheaper online.

xoxo, K

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24 thoughts on “Review: Skinfood Fermented Pomegranate Whitening Sleeping Mask”

  1. ahh these kinda posts make me so jealous as these products arent available here in the UK, well as far as i know of anyway 🙁

  2. Oooh it doesn’t stay sticky? that’s great! I bought the O’slee sleeping masks lately and it stays sticky -__- so instead of using it as a sleeping mask, I just stick it in the fridge and use it as a rinse off cooling mask for the summer. I just could not stand my face being sticky the whole night!

  3. Oh this is so cool! I would be lucky to find it on ebay. Thanks for the review. Do you think if you continue to use it the whitening effects will show?

  4. oh wow and I thought prices down here are too high, there in Japan, its way overpriced! Oh my, so what I do, I shop online! For Korean stuffs 😀

  5. Skinfood! Ahh you remind me that I should use a sleeping mask and also that I haven’t used any Korean skincare products in a while. But I feel the same as you…would if I lived in Korea since it’s so much cheaper there! Too bad about the Skinfood shop in Japan being expensive. I think maybe it means time to plan another trip to Korea! =)

    Love your reviews!! <3

    P.S. Thank you for your comment! *HUGS*

  6. Thanks for this interesting review. Too bad it’s so expensive in Japan, although it’s exciting that it opened up in your area. One good thing is that you’ll get to test out and play with the products and then you can go online and/or wait until you or someone you know goes to Korea and then you can get things from your wish list.


  7. OH i just did a review on this too ! i loveeee this . i got it from korea and the SA told me this doesnt necessarily whiten but BRIGHTEN . which i find temporary . it doesnt say anywhere in the bottle but she also said youre only suppose to use this twice, 3 times at most a week . 🙂

  8. So it’s kinda like a serum/night cream more then a mask huh?! LOL! Sounds interesting. I wonder if it really does help with the breakouts….

  9. that sucks that it’s so expensive — totally defeats the point of opening a store in japan! we can get the mushroom bb cream for much cheaper on ebay!

    I wish i could try more skinfood products, but too bad they are not readily available here.

  10. Thanks for the reviews. I would really love to visit Japan one day and one of my first shop would be there.

    the texture of this looks very promising. I usually like going for a gel texture for skincare. have you seen their cucumber mask,ohh… I was tempted to get some the other day.

    I was paranoid for a few days thinking my blog was down or something so thank you for stopping by and also letting me know and very much appreciated.

    Have a great day.

    p.s I popped my gel eye mask in the fridge the other day and they were very soothing to try. Thank you for the tip from your previous post =)

  11. More and more korean brands are opening stores in Japan, but the prices are much higher… But I like it! I was so happy to find Missha in Amemura’s Triangle Park and Kyoto’s OPA, I bought all the things I wanted, but didn’t get in Korea 8D
    Here in Europe we can only dream of ANY korean brand opening a store or even being distributed! D:

  12. wow, that price inflation is insane! I really need to use one of my whitening sleeping masks, but it’s hard to remember when I’m sleepy & barely stay awake long enough to put on my normal night creams! plus I don’t want my cat to accidentally lick my face in the middle of the night…

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